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  1. Can I just say how difficult I am finding the colour change to the the Evernote 'elephant' icon, even several months later. I am a long-time user of Evernote and use it cross-platform on Windows and iOS. I am really keen that Evernote succeeds in the long term, as it is a vital part of my professional and private life. So I have been used to looking for the Evernote icon amongst the host of really tiny icons displayed in my browsers and in a folders displayed on my iPhone screen. My problem is that I am suffering cognitive dissonance looking for the icon in the new colour, even though this changed quite a long time ago. I am not a user interface professional, but I'll bet one could tell you the mistake that you have made here, presumably in the interest of getting a 'new look' for marketing purposes. Please will you be more careful before you do something like this again? Andrew [ I am cross-posting this to the Evernote for iOS forum, because you know. ]
  2. Now Evernote have, sadly, broken tag input in the new V5 Windows client. They haven't been taking any notice of what's been said in this thread. See my post here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/43597-evernote-for-windows-502-discussion/page-4#entry232640.
  3. I am a long-time user of EN and have been using it more and more. I have several thousand notes. I am sure that the new update is faster and may well have great efficiency improvements under the hood, but this update is retrograde for several reasons: This is the most serious problem: Sensible use of tags has been downgraded and made extremely difficult. One used to be able to click on "add tag" and enter a series of tags, with completion (or the "correct" way to create new tags) simply by typing return in between. Most importantly, these tags were visible at the top of each note. Now tag entry is severly broken and tag display is similarly hideous - you can only see all the tags in a Note either by clicking on a drop-down or by looking across at the Notes list. The problem of tag entry is a real problem for people who create notes quickly. It is absolutely clear that you haven't been followng discussions of how to improve tag entry in the web clipper (here: discussion.evernote.com/topic/37332-web-clipper-gets-progressively-worse. You should really think about keyboard entry. There are all kinds of issues, but the standout is to ask why a new note starts with focus in the main body, and no ability to tab back-and-forth. Surely at the very least the vast majority of users will first of all want to type a title? The only way to use Shortcuts is by keeping the left-hand-bar open. I have a bunch of saved searches which I saved into the previous Favourites Bar whcih were much easier to use (and I could insert separators and everything.) These shortcuts are essential to my workflow. The only way (again!) to get back from a particular Notebook to "All Notes" is to click in the left-hand-bar, and if you have Shortcuts open there, the place you have to click is indeterminate! You no longer provide default shortcuts for such things as attached files and web clips. These were very useful.In short, you have gone for aesthetics and have once again failed to consider usability. You only ever seem to consider the needs of people who are happy to click with a mouse all of the time; almost by definition, this excludes power users. Please take my issues seriously. In the meantime, I am about to look into downgrading for now.
  4. That's definately good news for me - thanks! I would add that, once I got used to it, the new (current) web clipper is pretty good - so a good job there, apart from this nit. One thing I would ask for in the next release: when selecting "edit the newly clipped note," please can you ensure that a new window isn't launched? It will be fine to launch a new tab, but a new window takes significant new resources and takes several seconds to appear. FYI this is using latest versions of Firefox with many tabs already open ...
  5. It turns out that the web-based editor, which can be launched from the Web Clipper, already behaves as I suggest it should (above.) So the Windows Client does "the right thing" and the web editor does it too. This makes the web clipper the odd one out, which doesn't make for a comfortable overall user experience. Since our user experience is what you are all about, doesn't this suggest that the behaviour of the web clipper should be reverted as soon as possible?
  6. Thank you. I've installed this and hope that you can address sme of the usability issues we have been discussing shortly.
  7. Unbelievable. Today I was offered and installed it. But it wouldn't sync. It kept prompting for my username, but not my password, and kept not syncing. Presumably this is due to a failure in the "new" xauth method mentioned in the release notes. I have reverted to (why can't I do this from the EN website?) and have no problems syncing. Please note: I have used EN extensively for over four years. I have over 3600 notes and couldn't live without the product. I am not a whiner, but you seem to have something wrong with your release process!
  8. Akimbo, your suggestion is interesting, but there is already an interface which works well for choosing between new tags, which are leading substrings of existing tag(s), and an existing tag. I even think that this is how the older Windows-based web clipper did it. The solution is to highlight the trailing part of the word you have just typed, leaving the possibly new tag un-highlighted. Now you can choose to create the new tag by typing DELETE, followed by RETURN, or you can choose the old tag simply by pressing RETURN, or if there are multiple available matches, you will have to use the DOWN key, followed by RETURN. I'm sorry if you find the DOWN key difficult to use, but you won't have to do this very often.
  9. Hi jbignert, I am referring to the Firefox browser extension. FF version 20.0.1. Windows 7 Many thanks! Andrew
  10. Er. Please can you tell me even where to find My control panel?
  11. [[ Note: I've been using Evernote in various ways for over 4 years. I've got more than 3,500 notes. I like it. ]] The web clipper is surely still the heart of EN, yet it's getting progressively harder to use. One of the principal joys of using EN is the "see it, clip it, forget it for now" cycle. It helps stop information overload, it reduces filing time (and hence requires less brain work to save information) and, typically, EN will help you find the information when you next want it, if you ever do. The Windows client had a great clipper. It would do the clipping in the background, then it would pop up an information window (the New Clip dialog) which had just the right user interface for editing the title, maybe adding some tags and then sending the clip away. I used to use the keyboard a lot for this and I would typically type something like: A title<TAB>initial string for a tag<RETURN>another tag string<RETURN><TAB><RETURN> .. and that was it. Absolutely wonderful. I could close the web page after I had taken the note and get on with the next thing. Sadly, a few versions ago, the pop-up UI for the Windows client clipper stopped working. I tried to explain the problem to EN support, but got nowhere. So I reluctantly switched to the Javascript web clipper. This already has two problems: it takes too long to start up, and I have to sync manually if I am to manage the resulting note in the Windows client within the next 10 minutes. But the real problem is a subtle change in the UI which makes using the keyboard much harder. It's still possible to tab between fields and into the tags, but typing an initial string for a tab, followed by a return, creates a new (unanted!) tag! This is a disaster. It's also not how EN used to do it and it's not, if you want another counter-example, how Google does it for its tag creation. For the record, it's what the EN iOS client also does, and it's broken there too. But the problem I have described above isn't why I am writing this. I'm writing this morning because even more breakage has now reared its head. There's a new version of the clipper that pauses at the end of a clip and requires a mouse click to send it away (not even just a return.) It is useful to see the pop-up, but in previous versions it slid away after a few seconds. I can understand keeping it in place for new users, but there should be an option to change this for experienced users. In short, experienced users just want to get things done fast, and you are constantly making changes which get in the way of this. You are damaging the user experience and you need to fix this.
  12. Have I got this straight? You changed database engine version - one of the fundamental parts of the client - and didn't find regressions in text searching - the key function of Evernote - before you shipped a new version of the client? This sounds as if you're flying by the seat of your pants and have no proper testing or release strategy at all!
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