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  1. Easy to implement? How so? ~Jeff It wouldn't be hard to the developers to implement a popup/email date reminder system. @BurgersnFries - Yes Evernote is a To-Do application, as it's advertised that it can make lists, if you don't call that a To-Do feature then defect from North Korea and "get with it".
  2. Hi, I emailed your support and asked that you include popup, e-mail, and/or SMS message reminders: Like birth-dates and anniversaries. You could get around SMS costs by having the user select what carrier they're on then using that carriers email-to-sms email addresses. Another feature I'd like to see is individual Notebook e-mail addresses so that Notebook A would have one email address and Notebook B would have another and would automatically import to the notebook based on what e-mail address I send it to. These two features would be easy to implement and greatly expand the usefulness of Evernote. - Paid Evernote User
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