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  1. Hi, All my shortcuts are missing from the web version. They still exist on Android. I just see the following for shortcuts in the web version even though I've got about 20 of them on Android. "Add your first shortcut Click the ... icon in the top right corner of a note or notebook to add it here."
  2. OK, it seems fixed now, but I had the issue for about 30 mins.
  3. I'd really like a new type of note where items in a list can be easily draggable to change the order. A bit like Trello.
  4. I've been having the "Sorry, we're having some trouble loading Evernote Web" today. Is there a fix or do I just have to wait it out until Evernote sorts out their servers? Regards, Martin
  5. Hi, The new look is OK but I'm missing the notification that a change has successfully been changed. It's comforting to see some sort of notification if my internet connection is being a bit slow.
  6. I think that charging for more than 2 devices for Evernote Basic is a really bad idea. I've been a loyal Evernote user but now am thinking of switching to Google Keep. " In 30 days, you will be able to sync your notes to a maximum of 2 devices using Evernote Basic. "
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