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  1. Three years later it still isn't possible to use a keyboard shortcut to invoke either Copy Note Link or Copy Classic Note Link. I use both many times per day, and have for years now. That's a lot of right-clicking and option key holding that I could have avoided if only someone at Evernote would pretty much flip a damn switch. I've assigned keyboard shortcuts to contextual menu items in other apps. Contextual menu items SHOULD be accessible to the Keyboard preference pane. But they aren't in Evernote. Failing that, I can't see any reason why these shouldn't be main Note menu items: they seem more than important enough.
  2. Even if they are right, it’s very important to keep power users happy. We are important evangelists for any tech we use. Evernote needs to impress me before I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone else. And all of us understand and use mixed logic in other applications — we know that it’s not that big a technological deal. So it’s really quite a disappointment every time I re-discover that Evernote (still) can’t do this.
  3. I just spent a half hour going nuts because I foolishly assumed I could mix logic in an Evernote search. Not so much. It’s amazing how often I’m frustrated by this limitation. I really should not have been so surprised I couldn’t do it in Evernote. Grouping and mixed logic really needs to be there, in this and many other apps: the availability of the required syntax is invisible and harmless to beginners, but its absence is exasperating to those of us with the dazzling mental prowess required to understand something AND (this OR that).
  4. It’s been months now since I last had an elephant in my Safari toolbar. The clipper will not stay in the toolbar. It can be placed there with “Customize Toolbar...” but it always disappears again after an app relaunch. This is becoming tiresome. I depend on clipping! I have 1Password installed as well (doesn’t everyone?) but otherwise my Safari is totally stock.
  5. Totally agree. I have stopped composing in Evernote, it’s just too annoying and buggy. This is the main reason that Evernote hasn’t become my primary writing application. What little work I still do work in Evernote, I avoid formatting like the plague. Overall, Evernote is still a win for me. But it’s something I have to mention to anyone who asks if they should use Evernote: “Well, it’s a great app … but the text editing is pretty janky.”
  6. I click one tag, and then I click another tag ... but the first tag stays highlighted. No modifier keys, just clicks. And then I cannot unselect. i.e. cmd-clicking one of them has no effect. This happens constantly and seems quite buggy. Does anyone know what’s going on here? Or how to fix it?
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