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  1. Well, I just installed the latest public version ( and I'm please to report that on Windows 7 64-bit using Outlook 2010, the Evernote Add-in now appears properly and works well. Thanks for fixing this. Ben
  2. Admittedly, I haven't tried it out myself, I was hoping for an answer from the dev team as to what the outcome is supposed to be. The thing that stopped me from trying it for myself was that I encrypted some details in a note a few weeks ago. Then, earlier this week, I tried to encrypt some different details with the same encryption password as I used before. But I was still prompted with the dialog saying that my password did not match, even though I was using the same one (I checked, by decrypting the previous note and verifying this several times). So - then I got scared and wrote on the forum, in case the encryption on my previous notes was going to be ruined by performing this operation. Ben
  3. A quick question here: I have two pieces of text, A and B. I encrypt A with the password "passwordA". Then I try to encrypt B with the password "passwordB". I'm prompted with the dialogs shown in the OP's post above. If I select to create a new password, are both A and B now encrypted by "passwordB"? Or do A and B now have different encryption passwords? I'm guessing A and B do have different passwords now, otherwise this could be a security hole... Thanks, Ben
  4. Hi, I'd like to add my support for adding the Format Painter functionality to the desktop version of Evernote. Cheers, Ben
  5. I have a similar problem on Samsung Galaxy S running Froyo, going through Optus phone provider in Australia. I'm on 3G now and it takes between 30 seconds up to 2 minutes for simple text notes to load for the first time. After they have loaded once, they're fast. It hasn't really bothered me because I usually use my phone to take photo notes, and don't really look at them on my phone. But in the event that I did want to look at them, it is painfully slow.
  6. I thought the old interface was terrible actually. And like the new one much better. It's all a matter of opinion, and I haven't seen too many people agreeing with the OP. So let him go to Springpad if he likes - choice is a wonderful thing!
  7. Hi, I'm getting the same problem as the OP. I'm on build 110327 and the syncing appears to be one-way. My notes won't sync from my phone to the cloud. Phone is Samsung Galaxy S running Froyo. I don't have the wifi only sync option turned on, so I'm just using my normal phone network to try to sync. Oh, I'm also a premium user but that hasn't changed for a while. I'll send the error logs (just edited this, I just saw where to email them). -EDIT: Ok I can't reproduce it now - today it seems to be working. I signed out then back in yesterday, maybe that fixed it. Cheers, Ben
  8. I still can't get the outlook add-in working in Outlook 2010 (MS Office Professional 2010). I'm running Windows 7 64-bit. I'm still getting the same behaviour as in the first post of this thread - it says a runtime error occurred. I've uninstalled evernote and also done a repair on Outlook, but the add-in still won't work. It's not that big a deal for me at the moment since I just email things to my evernote email if I want them as notes anyway. Cheers, Ben
  9. Hi guys, I just installed 4.0 and in Outlook 2010 I can't get the Evernote Add-in to load: I tried ticking the box, but to no avail. Still, I couldn't even see it in the Add-in list with Evernote 3.5, so that's progress! Other than that, new version looks slick - I only signed up last week though, so I don't have many notes for it to handle! Cheers, Ben
  10. Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply. I didn't realise you actually had to sign out (rather than just killing the app). The tags are all there now. Cheers, Ben
  11. Hi, Is there a way to synchronise your available tags between desktop and android clients? i.e. Add a new tag in desktop and it automatically becomes a selectable tag on android. If not, I think this would be a cool feature. Cheers, Ben
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