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  1. Hi jefito, I know my post was quite juvenile (and reading it now makes me facepalm myself) but I'm still convinced that most of the issues are quite relevant. Let me elaborate. First, the teams. It's good to know that they are separate. It's normal for them to have different priorities. I appreciate the reassurance and I really hope the clients (which I'm using most are moving forward and the editing experience improves in them. Second, my specific problem with the Android editor. Please imagine me frantically trying to make the two handles appear by holding, tapping, swiping all over my 5 inch screen and only being able to highlight the word over which I touch. This happens for 1-2 minutes non-stop. Add to that the other thing: I tap somewhere in the text and expect the other (only one) handle to appear, which allows me to easily adjust the cursor exactly where I want it to be. Alas, the handle doesn't appear. I've used Android for quite a while and became accustomed to these native editing features. They're native and they're in every textbox/area there is. Now, because I know this, and I am a developer myself, I know that the app is meddling with this native OS feature - it is altering its behavior. This is not right. You don't simply change the OS behavior and moreover, override it with a less functional one. In that moment I knew what I had to do. I had to write my original note, leaving it with all those errors, leave the other one, where I wanted to copy text to, and wait 'till I get on my desktop and use the Windows client to do this. Maybe the web UI would have allowed me to complete my task, but I gave up because I had to go through the whole process of switching between notes and tapping, swiping and I had enough of that. This was not how I expected things to happen. Which brings me to the insulted/offended point. One thing before that. I love Evernote and the potential it has. I'm talking about it almost constantly to people in my social circles proudly saying: 'Hey, I'm using Evernote for that, man. You should definitely give it a try, it's an awesome service.' I'm using the Windows and Android clients whenever I get the chance, sometimes only for trying to figure out another strategy for using the service more efficiently. The reality is that I cannot use it fully because of such minor issues. It's like a person holding a big juicy apple a few meters away in front of me, they know I'm hungry and thirsty and they say: 'Come get it, it's yours.' I make a few steps and bam: fall into a hole that was covered with grass. And the thing is that there are many other such holes around the person with the apple, which I have to find by falling in all of them first before I'm able to reach the apple (or never do as in the case with the Android bug). Now, to me, this person is mocking me and in this particular situation this is very offending.That's the way I feel about Evernote right now and have felt before (with other issues). (I hope I haven't bored you with my metaphor.) The promise is big, but the obstacles are many. I honestly don't know how the successful users of the service manage to do it without hassles unless I turn on my 'devs are paying more attention to iOS/Mac OS than to other OSes' (which by the way is not that uncommon if you look around) thinking to reach the conclusion that those people must be using these OSes. Fourth, I was talking about platform obstacles in general, so let's leave that topic. Perhaps it's really the momentum of the different teams. Finally, I'd like to apologise if I've made a reference to you or the other evangelist guys as people working for Evernote and having responsibilities that should be expected from the staff. I know that you don't have such responsibilities. I actually think that you are in an unfair position to deal with people like me instead of the staff. As a conclusion and as I mentioned in another thread, ranting is useless unless I provide specific bug reports, so when I have the time I'll compile a list with all of them. I may even provide a video to show you the confusing text selection behavior. Regards, S.
  2. Hey GrumpyMonkey, Without sidetracking from the main thread (a lot), I just want to say that I'm familiar with a bunch of companies, which are innovative and some of them are even small, that have lots of transparency in their developing/planning process, e.g. and this is my favorite - Trello. I can stand behind one thing with confidence: transparency, not full, any, greatly impacts the developer-user communication process in a positive way. I have yet to see a case where it has negative effects. Once you have transparency, the tolerance of the users towards the company/developers increases, users start to contribute to the product with ideas, actually they even drive the product direction to some extent. Of course, there must be people who can say: 'Stop, this is not getting in because 1), 2), 3) ... N)', which are the technical people/designers/creators behind the product and there must say stop whenever things don't make sense. Anyway, to me comparing Evernote to Google/Apple, etc. is just not appropriate in relation to this matter for reasons I will not state here. As for the discrimination and the different platform teams' commitment, I hope you are right. That could be a bit reassuring. I know well that ranting in the forums or anywhere else is doing good to no one, so when I have the time, I'll compile all the issues I have with the Windows and Android clients and will post about them here. Hopefully, I'll get some responses. Thanks for this conversation, GrumpyMonkey. Regards, S.
  3. Hey hi GrumpyMonkey, If I can share my personal experience, mostly I have problems with the Android client, although I've experienced what unfrostedpoptart and others said with the Windows client - formatting and layout issues. I may post about them in case it hasn't been done multiple times before me. The problem is how this whole and similar situations is handled. As far as I understand they don't post roadmaps. OK. There is no UserVoice or similar service. OK. Add to that the replies of people, who I understand are not working for Evernote, who are basically telling us to shut up and resort to the web UI. Now all this combined leads to an extremely bad customer service. Frankly, after looking at the web site, the blog, reading the marketing message of the company, using the Windows and Android clients, and the service for the last few years I feel cheated and used. I don't know what this promising company is doing - basic, stupid bugs still exist and there is no info on the Why. The whole ecosystem has is there and has great potential but it's like the users, which are marketed as the part of that ecosystem are actually not part of it. Or, there is a discrimination between iOS/Mac OS and Android/Windows users. That's the only reasonable explanation I have accepted. Oh, and the lack of good customer experience. Phew. I really love the whole idea ( I've recently became a Premium member ) but I still don't see it. Only an inflated balloon that could burst at some point.
  4. E.x.a.c.t.l.y. I completely agree with you and I'm actually happy that there are other people who are frustrated like me. If there's a broken feature, by definition, you will be getting critisim and ranting until it's fixed. You cannot tell people to stop doing it - it's offending. If editing is not the purpose of the service, Remove It. Just remove it! Leave only Plain (no formatting, no anything). There will be no affordance and people will not complain. As simple as that.
  5. It's the middle of 2013 and I cannot believe this feature is still missing. You were telling people to delete a notebook from the web interface! For such a simple and useful thing to do. When they are using the native app, which is not only faster but more usable than the web ui. This is such a joke. My opinion is that you don't care for your android users (the iOS app has it). What more, huh? Well the same android app constantly takes control over the cursor and I cannot paste and select text with the two handles because they do not appear! This is a huge joke. The app is not from yesterday. I find it really offending that such small features are apparently left out deliberately and we are told to use the web ui... ffs. Devs are struggling and overcoming so many much harder obstacles on the iOS platform and they do it and deliver lots of stuff. Don't tell me you cannot fix the android app. So, please, stop insulting us and either make the app paid so that you don't have an excuse for such simple things or simply Remove it from the play store. "We will use the web ui"
  6. Hi, I like Evernote very much and have been using it for a long time. I also recently upgraded to Premium for one and only one very simple reason, a very tiny minor feature - PIN lock for my Android app. I'm somehow OK with the potential security risks that come with storing personal data in the cloud, however, I'm more aware about what I store locally on my device (a smartphone, PC, laptop, etc.). So with the PIN lock my local security was in line - the Windows client I use is secured with the password of my account. So, today I was modifying some settings in the Windows client when I noticed that I can choose the location of the local databases, the Windows client uses to cache the data in my Evernote account. I immediately went there and tried opening the snippets and main database files and guess what? Voila! They opened and every bit of info I'd put into Evernote was there, accessible to everyone interested. There's lots of other info in these files, which is not human readable but the content of all notes is there. (Additionally, there is a folder attachments, which contain images for me and probably other stuff for other users - yes, completely unprotected.) I'll try to put this mildly - this is a joke. I know - almost everything that has a lock can be unlocked. However even the minor trace of security is missing here. Yes, the encryption Evernote is using for transmitting your data over the wire is weak. But it's there. What if my device gets stolen and a malicious person goes there and just opens these files and get all of my data without any effort? I don't want to test this on my Android device, which is the most vulnerable device I have in terms of security, because I'm afraid of what I might discover there. Is it so hard to encrypt the local files and decrypt them when the user logs into the client and encrypt them again when they log out? Please consider this as a Feature Request. Regards, A big fan and an Evernote evangelist in my social circles.
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