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  1. Yes these steps were completed by the family member I shared the content with. I am hopeful we will have other replies from members or EN support on a solution. As I don't use Twitter or Facebook. I even tried granting permission again and then removed it as an option, but unfortunately had the same results. They could STILL see the shared notes in the Shared with Me section, but received access denied when selecting the note. Which obviously shows sharing was stopped correctly. The real mystery remains why these still appear in their list and they are no longer shared. My thinking is this can't be a unique or isolated situation so maybe others will share their experience or a possible solution.
  2. Thanks for taking time to reply gazumped and your suggestions. I was also happy to learn this is a "known problem" and not something unique to my situation. It's really confusing to see that permission has been removed for these notebooks, however they still appear in the shared section. I tried all the suggestions mentioned but unfortunately the issue STILL exists. The notebooks appear in the Shared with Me section and they receive you don't have access to this, which shows permission has been removed. But I still can NOT figure out why they continue to appear on the list in the shared section. This really defeats the purpose of sharing a notebook, why do this when the other person still sees information they no longer need. I appreciate any additional thoughts or suggestions it would be great to resolve this issue.
  3. Hello, Hope someone could offer some direction relating to shared notes. I have a few that I have shared with another family member and the process works fine and they are able to view each one. Some of these notes are not valid or needed any longer so I have removed the shared access and again that works as expected. However, the other user still has these notes in their Shared with Me section of EN. If they select the note it simply says you no longer have access. The issue I am trying to resolve and can not find a solution for is how to REMOVE the note so it no longer appears in their Shared with Me section. It seems unusual that shared access has been removed but for some reason EN still displays a notebook they can't access or do not need. Looked at the Android app and EN web but can't find any way to remove those notebooks. Any help or thoughts would be most appreciated.
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