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  1. Thank you... I learned something new today. One can modify the columns in list view and make them very useful.
  2. Right you are... I should have scrolled my screen down... I don't use it in full screen mode and my shortened window did not show all the options. I only say down to the "Create TOC Note" button. The scroll bars only show when moving the screen so there was nothing to indicate there was more below.
  3. I stand corrected... you can move/copy a block of notes. However you cannot change the tags on multiple notes at the same time.
  4. A little more detail... When I open a note I would like to have an option to pull up a properties screen on it. It would allow me to change the note title, the folder, and the tags. The tags assigned would be listed out so I could see them all. Currently when I look at a note I can only see one tag and only part of it. Nice to have this on mobile platforms too. Currently trying to change tags is a pain. The other item is setting tags on a group of notes. For example, I made some changes to my tag structure. I have a large number of notes that need one tag applied to them to replace their current tags. In most Windows or Mac programs I could select them all and pull up the properties for the group. Changes would be limited to common fields such as tags or folders. Just like in iTunes... I can select a group of songs and set the artist, album, genre, etc to all at once.
  5. I would like to see the ability to select multiple notes and then be able to access the notes properties to change tags or folders in one shot. In addition, there needs to be a properties dialog box for a note so I can actually see the tags in a list. I have multiple tags per note and you can barely read one, let alone multiples on the screen. EDIT: I can change the notebook through a right-click and then move or copy. I missed that when I was looking for it. Still no way to change tags that I can see.
  6. I do not want to share notes that people have to log into to read. I want to send a straight email with the text of my note in it. I know I can still do it but I have to seek out the menu to find that option. Put it back on the share button on the note.
  7. Only works if you are at a PC or Mac. I use the iPad mainly as do many of those I have been talking to.
  8. Simply put, stacked notebooks are needed but need to work on all platforms. Right now they are only supported on the Mac. Who cares if it is corporate or not - I personally use it on multiple platforms.
  9. They don't have to be complex templates. I am referring to the ability to have text laid out such as the following so we don't have to reinvent the wheel each meeting plus it makes sure everyone captures what is needed: Meeting Minutes Date: Time: Attending: Agenda: Action Items: Discussions:
  10. I am promoting the use of EverNote at work but this brings about a problem. I do not want to mingle my corporate and personal data. I want to maintain two seperate accounts and be able to switch them effortlessly on my Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, and iPad. Support for this feature should be the same across all platforms if we are going to be able to push this forward.
  11. Trying to push EverNote into my company. Stacked folders is greatly needed across all platforms since we are mainly PC or web users. Also needs to be supported on mobile devices equally. Tags are okay, but there is no control over what tags are used for a given document.
  12. In an effort to move EverNote into my company, we will need templates that work across all platforms. We want to be able to create pre-designed formats for things like meeting minutes, reference material, etc. Must work the same across all platforms!
  13. I should have been more specific. While the scripting idea is good, it only works when on a PC. I mainly use EverNote from my iPad or iPhone.
  14. I use EverNote for a lot of meetings. I have set formats I use for my titles and body of the notes. I wish there was a way to create a new note from a template!
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