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  1. Christ, I'm so ashamed for being drawn into this entire, stupid exchange, and you two should be just as ashamed for egging me along. I'm sure you got some great laughs from it. I posted in support of the OP's own problem. I added some of my own experiences (yes, I was blunt - not rude - but that's my right as a paying customer) to demonstrate both the inconsistencies in EN's approach to multi-platform development and the pain it was introducing to at least one customer. To date, the EN Evangelists posting here haven't offered anything other than misdirected advice or elitist and condescending commentary. I can only assume this is because an interloper to the forums presumed to question to the mighty, infallible Evernote product and the people behind it. The reduction of saved search capabilities in the Mac client isn't a design decision - it's an oversight. How can anyone call the removal of working feature a design decision? The lack of Boolean searching has a long, well-documented history of displeasure amongst the dedicated EN user-base here. Ignoring this level of feedback is not only crazy (many companies struggle to get this sort of clarity in customer feedback) but, well, just like Google. Here's the thing. I use Evernote almost non-stop every day. It's my GTD, my filing cabinet and my briefcase. I couldn't survive without it, and that's why I’m so passionate when it's shortcomings stop it being an awesome product (instead of just a great product). Clearly, I diluted that message when I posted. So, I humbly beg a thousand apologies for presuming to offer honest feedback, and I have well-learnt this lesson in not calling others on their bad behaviour. Cheers.
  2. For what? The Mac client not allowing me to edit saved searches? Again, that's the point of this thread, isn't it? I was simply using the other issue as a case in point that EN's attention to consistency and detail isn't there. Is it a requirement that EN Evangelists ignore the real point of threads, or did it just somehow work out that way?
  3. And here come the Evangelists... What I didn't ask for was for someone to put words in my mouth, but cheers for the unsolicited assistance on that point regardless. I'm sure lots of people find that sort of behaviour useful here on the forums. I meant exactly what I said - fix the problems that a not-insignificant number of paying customers have been talking about before adding new strings to your bow. It's simple customer management, really. If EN (and the Evangelists) can't accept that some people actually are unhappy with aspects of EN, perhaps they need to take off the rose coloured glasses and see how things really are. And EN should certainly rethink the business they're in if they're going to continue displaying this prevailing Google-like arrogance and ignore customer pain. So, BurgersNFries, what's your suggestion for editing saved searches on the Mac (which really is the topic of this thread, and certainly the basis of my complaints this week)?
  4. I, for one, am fast getting sick of the inconsistencies between Evernote clients for different platforms. Not only can I not edit my saved searches on my Mac (where I do a LOT of my note processing for GTD) but I get different results on the iPad client. I confirmed this by creating a brand new saved search in the web client. Nothing tricky - I'm using the following search string (with the any: qualifier): intitle:"Meeting notes" intitle:"Tech Services mgt meeting" intitle:"Whiteboard"I get 319 results in web/Mac and only 254 on the iPad. Unacceptable (and amateur) outcome, to say the least. One of the major things that differentiated Evernote was its "powerful" search capabilities. "Stick all your notes in our searchable soup" was the cry. "Trust us to find it when you need it". I call bullsh!t. It's of zero value to me if I can't rely on that very feature to get me to the data I want, when I want, using the client I want. Combined with the severely limited capability of Evernote search itself (for crying out loud - still no Boolean searching? Are you really that deaf?), I'm seriously questioning why I pay for the premium service. I've persisted for two years now, and I'm almost at the point of giving up entirely. What disappoints me most of all is that I advocated Evernote to so many people over those two years. I just feel let down now. Pick up your game Evernote. Stop acquiring toy applications like Skitch and focus on consistent stabilisation of your existing product suite. Once you make your existing customers happy, then you can look to expand your business in other ways.
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