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  1. I didn't think about browser vs installed app! Thank you! I'll try doing that next time.
  2. Greetings! When I try to print notes containing web-clipped documents, Evernote only prints the first page of the document. Both times I have done this, the note is several pages long. I don't see a way to tweak Evernote to fix this problem, and I can't find any answers in their help or the users' help here. Any ideas are most welcome. My solution thus far is to copy the whole thing, paste it into a Google Docs document and then start the printing process from there - a process in which it downloads the document to your computer as a PDF so that you can then print! 🙄Tedious, at best! Help? Thanks in advance! [Technical bits: I'm using Evernote for work, on an HP Pavilion. Browser: Firefox.]
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