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  1. Thank you for the reply, gazumped. The letters themselves have the same base height, that's true. But characters in code fragments are wider + those style margins and borders take additional space as well. That make code fragments look unproportionally bigger and, what's more important, lead to neighbour items being overlapped: Thus, that seems reasonable for me to either decrease margins: ... or font size: ... which is a common practice AFAICS
  2. When a code fragment (one with `backticks`) is created, it is given a monospaced font that is way bigger compared to normal text. I keep reducing the font size by 1/4 its size constantly. Could you please adjust monospace font size (or modify the way code fragment formatting is rendered) so that font sizes match? Here's an example from EverNote Web: I suppose that is not a hard thing to fix. Thank you kindly in advance!
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