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  1. Actually out of curoisty I just looked at Evernote today it is 3:30pm 5/24 and it says my last Sync was May 23 1:43pm I guess maybe I had been doing manual sync also. Galaxy s3
  2. Yes I have the auto sync set to 15 minutes and I have the tried both ways on and off to sync with wifi It seems like the last beta version is the culprit. I pretty sure auto sync had been working fine. I have 5.1 beta3
  3. I too have noticed that on my Motorola Xoom tablet EverNote beta version does not automatically sync anylonger. My Galaxy s3 syncs just fine. I can manually start the sync process. Mark
  4. Please close up the wasted spacing in the List view. Allowing more notes titles in the window more helpful. Thanks Mark
  5. I have Motor Xoom and use E.beta 3. Is it possible to offer a list view instead of just snippet view. Prefer to see more notes on the screen. Mark
  6. Thank you for the bug fixes. Had not used EN all week due to the bugs and realized how much I really use this program and service and missed it greatly, use it everyday. Even my secretary said the same thing. Thanks for the great support and development. Mark
  7. One thing I noticed with this last update Build 150257 I create a new note on Droid X or anytime I am editing on the mobile device it is underlining the edit. I created a test note with just letters and it underlines. Mark
  8. Consistently getting a Note Upload Failed notification DroidX Mark
  9. Agreed, I am not sure why the notes that were not RTF before the update, now they are. The only thing I have is test dates that look like this 05.31.11 it has it underlined and looks like a link. This is new with this update. Also, does not seem to be syncing the notes. edited in DroidX and not updating on the desktop after syncing. Mark
  10. This program keeps getting better and better. The shared notes on Android And now notebook edit is huge. My suggestion would be on the list view give option to tighten the Lines up so the note titles are lined under each other tighter. Helps with scrolling through the view. I use this program every day with my desktop version. Thank you for continued development.
  11. I am a premium customer and use the web based shared note feature. An android version would take this app over the top. I use this app everyday numerous times a day. Thanks for the dev. Mark
  12. Thank you for the response and a great program that I use everyday numerous times a day!! Mark Premium User
  13. ok, it has been driving me crazy the auto matic line feed that is applied to a note when I go to edit it in EN. So did some tests tonight this is what I found 1. Create Note in Desktop version (running 4.2.1 lastest public release) 2. Open in Droid X EN and then click to open NOTE 3. Click EDIT 4. Upon opening a line feed is added to each line causing a double space. It appears that and can cause a single line or double line space. Shift Enter causes the double line feed consistently, hit the Enter key usually causes a single line feed. Not always consistent but nonetheless very frustrating. Test Test Test becomes Test Test test in EN for Android.
  14. On this release on the Droid X Once again as with previous updates it is adding a line feed to the end of each line when opening a note on Android and then saves causing a double space to occur throughout the note. Please fix, having to take time to edit notes each time. Frustrating. Thanks for fixing in advance. Mark
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