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  1. Thanks, Jeff. I agree that the latest Windows beta sounds like an improvement. I'm probably not using the right term when I say "weighted." I just mean that whenever there is more than one item in a list, those items are ordered according to some criteria — unless it's a totally random process, which I doubt it is. After posting my idea, I discovered that Evernote does allow me to sort the results in one of two ways: by updated date and by title — by clicking on the column headers. That addresses part of my frustration. But the part I would still like to see addressed accounts for the majority of my searches. For example, when I search for a term, I don't necessarily want at the top of the list the most recent notes that contain the term. Nor do I usually want the notes sorted by title. I most often want the notes sorted by importance. So how can Evernote decide what the important parts of a note are to me? I admit that it can't know for sure. But I'm betting the clever software engineers at Evernote could figure out a way to get the program to make some intelligent guesses. For example, if the term is part of the title, that note is probably more important to me than a note than happens to have a matching string of characters (i.e., the "term") in a URL in a sub-sub-bullet. And if the term matches a tag, those notes are probably (though not guaranteed to be) more important to me than a note that contains the term in some text on a photo.
  2. I'm often surprised (and, to a degree, frustrated) by the way that Evernote ranks search results. I don't understand how the results are weighted: Do the most recent notes get preference? Apparently not. [EDIT: Yes, if you select the "Updated" column header. If you select the "Title" column header, the result will sort alphabetically.] Does the relative importance of the term in the note count for anything? It doesn't seem like it. [EDIT: In the specific example that I gave (which I deleted because it's not relevant anymore), the results were being sorted alphabetically according to their titles. When I selected the column header labeled "Updated", the results sorted more sensibly. However, I believe my main point still stands. It would be nice to have an additional way of sorting the search results so that if the search term is, for example, in the title, that note would be ranked higher than a note where the search term was merely part of a URL string in a sub-sub-bullet.] There should be some clear indication (or at least an obvious reason) of how search results are weighted. [EDIT: Though I didn't realize it at first, this is already being done to a degree.] Here is my idea for a weighted hierarchy: Title Tags Body copy Images [EDIT: that is, text in images]
  3. Thanks for a great product, EverNote team! I realize that might sound sarcastic (being on a forum that deals with technical problems and all), but I mean the compliment sincerely. Evernote has been a tremendous help to me, and it's a product I should be (and eventually will be) paying for. Right now, though, I'm eagerly anticipating the next major Mac release and the resolution of the performance issues. It's nice to have the Web version to get me by until the performance improves, but I do miss my Mac client. One thing I've learned since the beach balls started dominating the app is that speed trumps just about every other feature!
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