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  1. Any why should these older devices continue to serve some sort of function.... My old iPad 3 is our music player device for the pergola and lounge room area..... and its an internet access point for those random moments.... There is nothing wrong with it - a great unit for such purposes - I do not want to buy a new ipad to perform a function where many people can access or 'drop' it! Seriously evernote - smell the roses or coffee and flick the switch and let us humble peasants use the app....
  2. I also tried to force desktop but was not able too. I tried safari and I tried chrome but other failed to work even after i forced desktop. I do not believe it is true - somehow, evernote server assesses that its an older IOS device and therefore will not allow any access. I can purchase a really cheap android table and use evernote - but why would I throw away my old perfectly good viewing ipad 4 - such a waste!!!! All I am asking is that older ios units be able to access some sort of legacy read only app - that would suffice for me, not ideal but atleast reflect a comprom
  3. I use the fantastic iPad 4s for all sorts of portable uses..... - I use it for all my speaking and note taking and meetings etc etc etc.. My evernote version is 8.16.6 I can accept that the APP is not available to me given the Apple ecosystem. Surely I can access a LEGACY APP to at least Read Only my notes...... BUT this is the worst guys. I cannot even use my browser on my iPad to access evernote through the website. This is a really terrible service and limits my freedom to access my subscriptions. I can use my Android Phone. I can use my PC. BUT why cant
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