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  1. Hi, Thanks a lot first for your (speedy) reply. It's worth a try. Actually, reading your answer also made me realize that my problem would be resolved to a large extent if I could search, not by full tags, but by part of a tag, ie the tag contains "evernote" rather than the tag equals "evernote notetaking gtd must". Which is equivalent to the tag equals "*evernote*". But I know the use of two wildcards is not accepted. I don't really understand why searching in notes can be done on the basis of an incomplete word, and it is not the case for tags. Would there be a workaround ? This way, I wouldn't have to retag those 3000 notes...
  2. As the title suggests, I have screwed up my tagging, by not including commas between tags thus creating unique, long and meaningless tags.... I haven't really used tags to search documents, obviously, but now discover their worth and was wondering if there would be a way, just to automatically add commas in between words in my current tags to be able to exploit them properly....
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