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  1. Hi Dave, I thought I used a web interface before, but it is entirely possible I used my Windows client. I just used my Windows client where I edited my prior note to include the url. Thank you for your quick and accurate assistance.
  2. Hi Dave, I am using the web interface. Jeff seems to confirm the difficulty that I am encountering. Before it I was able to add the url easily.
  3. Thank you Jeff for your answer. I understand adding a url to text. However, I'd like to add a url for the entire post. As an example, if I look at some of my previously created notes, I see in the Note Attributes: Clipped from with the url provided. Beside the note attribue is a Go to source button/link. How do I add a url for an entire note where I can maintain same functionality having a clipped from note attribute?
  4. I am an infrequent user of Evernote using the free account accessing Evernote from the web. When I last used Evernote, I was able to easily add an url to a note I created. Today, I created a new note from something I found on the internet. However, I was unable to easily find a place to add the url with Evernote's different interface. How do I add the url?
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