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  1. Since upgrading to Evernote 5 I've noticed that Evernote isn't respecting ASCII sort order for my notebook names. "{" should sort after alphabetical characters, for example. In older versions of Evernote it did sort that way. Now, not. Please fix.
  2. I imagine lots of folks make changes to note titles. It'd be great to have a keyboard shortcut that would put the cursor into the title field (and potentially even "select all").
  3. Evernote does expose a "synchronize" verb via AppleScript but it returns immediately so there's no way to know when the sync has competed. It looks like the Windows version has command line argument support which allows a sync to be scripted from DOS. Seems like a good feature for OSX…
  4. Is there a way to script Evernote to sync from a shell script? I have Evernote installed on an OSX server and I'd like it to sync / backup unattended.
  5. +1 for navigation via a tag cloud.
  6. is this thread dead? will this feature ever be implemented? i'd really like to see this work. incidentally, i even went so far as to do the pdf attachment via the web interface but when i did a sync to the mac client the pdfs were all previewed again. :?
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