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  1. I have pdf attachments in many of my notes, sometimes I'd like to download them (since evernote viewer doesn't even have a search option within pdf). But there is no such option, I can try to share it but it only gives: file:///data/user/0/com.evernote/cache/evernoteCache/204560703/noteStore/699ef0d696c7e070a0b34d1ae6486709/e2784a105cc0603abe68aab76dfdadbf So I can't even email a pdf to myself... Is there a workaround?
  2. On Android it's far worse. I am using samsung note - then converting to pictures and sending to EN. On apple it's actually possible to use handwriting in EN- palm rejection works, there is a proper pen support and keyboard doesn't pop up for no reason.
  3. Dear Evernote, I've been a premium user for quite a while, and I use Evernote quite extensively to sort my work notes. I use it on android devices - samsung tablet and samsung note. Recently I was testing new ipads pro we might be getting from work and I was shocked. Why are we get a secondary experience on android?! Handwriting has a significant delay(lag) even on samsung note 10, palm rejection is nonexisting and keyboard doesn't disaper when I'm adding a handwritten note. Not to mention no s-pen support -which I'm not sure is your fault. Ipad experience is miles ahea
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