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  1. I have pdf attachments in many of my notes, sometimes I'd like to download them (since evernote viewer doesn't even have a search option within pdf). But there is no such option, I can try to share it but it only gives: file:///data/user/0/com.evernote/cache/evernoteCache/204560703/noteStore/699ef0d696c7e070a0b34d1ae6486709/e2784a105cc0603abe68aab76dfdadbf So I can't even email a pdf to myself... Is there a workaround?
  2. On Android it's far worse. I am using samsung note - then converting to pictures and sending to EN. On apple it's actually possible to use handwriting in EN- palm rejection works, there is a proper pen support and keyboard doesn't pop up for no reason.
  3. Dear Evernote, I've been a premium user for quite a while, and I use Evernote quite extensively to sort my work notes. I use it on android devices - samsung tablet and samsung note. Recently I was testing new ipads pro we might be getting from work and I was shocked. Why are we get a secondary experience on android?! Handwriting has a significant delay(lag) even on samsung note 10, palm rejection is nonexisting and keyboard doesn't disaper when I'm adding a handwritten note. Not to mention no s-pen support -which I'm not sure is your fault. Ipad experience is miles ahead, at least when it comes to handwriting. I know there is fewer devices to optimize for when it comes to Apple products but Android version of handwriting feels like it was made for those super old tablets with resistive touch screens and ghastly rubber styluses.. (Honestly It's not that terrible, just after having short apple experience I'm quite disappointed) Best regards, MO
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