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  1. I've noticed a head icon that appears on a shared note. Does this signify that someone else is editing the note?
  2. I think there should be an option to print the due date in the header.
  3. I've found the feedmyinbox.com does suite my RSS to Evernote needs (for now). It would still be nice to have the ability to customize Evernote for filing (e.g. all email from a particular address with a certain subject is filed in a certain folder with tags).
  4. +1 I would like the ability to import RSS feeds into a specific notebook. The ability to add notebooks settings and tag(s) on a per feed basis would be nice too. I need this to store my completed Remember the Milk tasks, which are exported via RSS. Currently I store the completed tasks in my Google Reader account. Evernote would be a better place as I think of it as my electronic filing cabinet. Thanks in advance for your consideration.
  5. I see the options from the slide-out on the left, but 640x480 is the only option for resolution. Thanks for checking-in on this issue.
  6. I have Evernote Ver. 1.5 installed on my Verizon HTC Incredible. Using the photo option, I only have the small (640x480) photos resolution available. If I use the Incredible's native camera app, all resolutions small-8M (640x480-33264x2448) are available. IMO, this is a severe limitation. Small photos are almost illegible in the desktop app. Is there a fix for this limitation?
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