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  1. Thank you Engberg, it fixed the problem. On a sidenote, now that I can access my notes, there's an odd behavior : for some notes, the upper "edit" button turns out to an "add text" button, without obvious reason. Fact is that it prohibits editing already written text. Is it intended? Edit : ok found where it comes from : as soon as there is any clickable link in the note, I can't edit it.
  2. Hello Engberg, you were insightful : it totally works on WiFi. Tried again without then : error returned back. My network carrier is Orange France.
  3. Thank you for your quick answers guys. So : - I can login in the mobile (and on the classic) browser version - I can see all of my notes in these environment - I made a fresh reinstall following the exact steps you wrote here Unfortunately, still the exact same error.
  4. Hello, I am able to login, but unable to retrieve my notes, receiving this exact error : TTransportException error, Response Code 417 type=0 Platform is Samsung Galaxy S, Android 2.1 Evernote version is the latest, directly downloaded from the market yesterday. I checked my APN settings, there is no particular restriction or proxy, and I can access to https URLs within internet browser without any problem. Thank you for your attention.
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