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  1. It actually works but it is not very elegant: When you click the tag symbol, the whole list of tags (both assigned and unassigned) pops up, just like you say. However, if you click outside the tag list, it will be replaced by the text "Click to filter by tags". Click this text, and the list of tags that are assigned in the current search will appear. So it basically works like the good, old "hide unassigned tags" feature, but requires two extra clicks.
  2. To each his own...although I don't know why EN chose to remove this (or any) feature, personally, this has not bothered me or affected my workflow at all. Well, you should obviously only do it if you miss the feature, but I assumed that the main reason why people read this thread
  3. I encourage everybody to contact Evernote Support and express your discontent with the incomprehensibly poor decision to remove the "Hide unassigned tags" option!
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