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  1. I found evernote because it was listed as one of the top 25 apps for Palm Pre. I loaded it up and created a few notes and was quite impressed. Today I put together a big list of stuff that I needed at the store, I did a sync on the phone to make sure the list was there and then set off. Once at the store, I fired up evernote to look at my list. There was no data reception available in the area, so evernote was unable to connect and I couldn't get access to my list. What is the point of a "Sync" option that doesn't actually sync? Anyway it would be a great app if it actually created notes and stored them. In reality, it is just a web browser that can only look at the evernote website and constantly uses my phones data plan when there should be no need. If and when it becomes possible to actually store notes on the phone, it will be a useful app. For now, it's just a web interface and a waste of space on my phone. Does anyone know of a similar app that actually stores the data on the phone?
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