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  1. Hey Sara, thanks for illustrating my point so well! And thanks Dave for reporting the bug! There are much worse issues in Firefox's web clipper, but I read a year old thread stating Safari's tight integration with the OS essentially allows for better clipping. I assume no easy Firefox fixes have been identified then in the past year. C'est la vie.
  2. Actually, when a thread is over 2 years old, nearly 40 people have echoed the feature request in the thread since the original post, and the last comment from an employee appears to be the 2nd comment over 2 years ago, it would seem to be a non sequitur to assume the staff are still reading it. Besides, the nearly 40 people in this thread (assuming there are others) have been asking for the staff to do more than read. Starting a new thread actually got a response... so for those of you who've taken the time to comment and follow this feature request all this time, wait no more... the response from the staff is that they have no plans to implement your requests.
  3. I see at least one thread dating back a couple years with nearly 40 replies echoing the desire for Omnifocus integration - specifically requesting, for example, linking Evernotes to tasks in Omnifocus... have Evernote devs followed this request? Are there any creative integration plans - perhaps a trunk extension?
  4. I see others have already thought of this idea too.... love the idea and any other creative integration with OmniFocus would likely rock.... perhaps a trunk extension. Are Evernote devs reading this string? Do we need to start a new string? Perhaps we should tell OmniFocus devs - they're REALLY good about listening to client suggestions
  5. This string is from 1 year ago - any progress with this issue? It appears not...?
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