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  1. That would be a good idea about designing one and sending it in. The only problem is idk how great my creativity is at the moment my brain seems to be lacking a lot of that. But I will def go to the gen feature request thread. Thank you!
  2. I'm very lazy myself haha. But this is the reason why I was looking for a template that would have all this. Does the EN site have a feature suggestion page/forum? I was thinking about suggestion this for a feature.
  3. Ok this is a good idea. I think what file organization means to me is prob the second thing you said "a summary info" and I was thinking maybe putting little side notes if they were need/necessary to put down. Yea I was going to resort to Excel in a worst case scenario type of thing. I think I might do what you suggest in #2 that sounds like a good idea. Is it possible I could create the chart I made in Excel into a template on EN? I know you can create & save your own templates, but isn't this only available for the upgraded version? At least that's what I gathered from reading the description. Thank you for the helpful suggestions!!
  4. Hello everyone. I'm trying to find a template that would be used for these things: a template that I can use for organizing electronics files for my computer, iPad, & iPhone I've found a "Indivi Proj" template under the GTD sections of templates, and the features I like is that it has a details sec, which I could put and this would let me know what I've put in this template, and what's the purpose of this template, which is very important for me because I always forget why I've made/created something and then I think to myself that I don't need this anymore, nor will I use it so I end up deleting the file, which always turns out bad!! it also has a reference sec, here I could add things such as the location where I got the file, and how large the file size is. In all, I'm trying to find a template that is good for organizing my electronic files and those I have listed above. From what I've said that I liked about it, and what I needed, do you all think this would be a good template to use? Is there another template that I could use that would work better than this one? Please let me know your thoughts!!!
  5. Has there been any updates to this? I"m searching for solutions to this now and I think this is a good idea as well! I've been getting used to the shortcuts myself and I find them ver useful!!
  6. I agree this would be VERY helpful; I'm using an app on my iPad 7th Gen called Things 3. They have this feature but this app is only for to-do lists. I think if the Evernote design team would take a look at that and somehow also apply it to this, it would be very helpful!! This might be something I might suggest in the suggest features area, and I can quote you on it if you would like me too!
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