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  1. Hello again. I've forget if I've had any issues or questions w my iPad so I forget if I've already mentioned the general info for my iPad but I'll mention it again just in case I didn't. I'm using a 7th gen iPad and I've downloaded the EN note taking app, along w Penultimate on my iPad. About a half hour ago, I had moved a note file into the synced file for Penultimate on the app for windows 10 and I did this so I could access the file on Penultimate. After I did this I went back on the iPad to the Penn... app and I clicked the app to start up but it quit and crashed on me, I don't believe it
  2. Hello. I apologize if I’ve posted this I forget if i have cause I’ve used this help forum so much 😂 but anyways, I was wondering does anyone know if you can import things to the pennultimate app for the iPad? I wanted to import a file from my google drive but when I clicked the “send copy to” a specific app the pennultimate app never showed up and idk if this is a bug on my iPad or if it’s the app but if anyone has any updates let me know!
  3. w what you just said, this is actually a good idea of having separate shopping duties. Since my bf and I have really bad anxiety going anywhere we might as well both just stick to online shopping 😂😅🙄
  4. I felt this so much, literally I don't do anything outside the house unless it's w my bf because I just don't like the gen pop. And this might be because of my anxiety/social anxiety but still if it's not that then maybe I just hate being around people they weird me out😂
  5. I'm not sure if you saw the comment I just posted in someone else's response but I do agree w you. I've found an easier app to organize my grocery list and that's the issue I ran across was sharing the list w others. But don't get me wrong, I do love to use EN tho haha
  6. I actually posted this question in the EN reddit community and someone suggested me an app called OurGroceries and it's actually a really great app especially for those like me who want their list organized into categories. I highly recommend it for grocery lists.
  7. That's actually not a bad idea! I'm a student in college right now but I'm still living w my parents. I asked this question because my family is always needing things from the store (not sure why cause there's only four of us but I guess we run out really quickly 😂🙄) but anyways, because of this issue my parents are always running to the store and my dad has to work from home now cause of the pandemic and has been for a couple of months now. So he's always the one who orders the food online (well the majority of the time, if he's busy my mom does it) but both of them usually forget something o
  8. Thank you!! I'm sure you don't mind but I'll ask anyways just in case, do you mind if I put these into my notes and edit it so that it fits what I want to put down?
  9. This is also very helpful! That is what my concern was in going to my PT person. I recently got referred to her again so I'll be going soon, nor sure when though my mom and I are waiting on the referral. But like you, she's always asking what kind of pain am I having, where is it since I have multiple pain related areas from past surgeries/recoveries/injuries etc...and questions like that and I can never remember what or where or how bad the pain was. It's also hard to keep track of the meds I'm taking as well. Ik what they're called, but I never remember the dosage and then ofc there's the pa
  10. Hey my bad I had forgotten I posted this and I just checked it. thank you very much for the suggestion that helped a lot! I'll have to write these down on my iPad I think this will be very helpful for the future. And thank you! I hope I get better too You stay safe as well!
  11. Hello everyone. I've researched this issue I'm having and I found a forum on it from quite a while ago I think from 2014 and under, but I saw people were requesting this feature and I would like to know if there have been any updates to this. I'm trying to import a PDF file from my iCloud into Penultimate. I'm using the iPad 7th gen if that helps at all and I believe I have the latest update of Penultimate. I was originally trying to import my notebook from the EN iPad app into the Penultimate but I couldn't find a way to do this either. If anyone has any answers to both of these issues please
  12. Hello everyone. It is really early in the morning so I wouldn't expect anyone to answer right away so no worries if you don't see it until later. I was wondering, I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, it's basically a reg checkup. I wanted to create a template in EN on PC, I'm using windows 10. I was wondering what kind of info would you suggest putting on there? My doctor asks the normal questions usually, so I was thinking about putting those sort of questions on there so I have it all ready to go and I don't need to remember/think hard about for example "when is the last time something lik
  13. Hello everyone. I'm looking to see if there are any free EN shopping templates out there. I've already done plenty of research on this, I've found free ones, but the one website that there seems to be a lot of links that go to this is a website called "simplydaylife" or something very similar to that can't remember the exact name. But even the official EN website has this, but when I click on it, it tells me on the screen that the website isn't found. So also when I research this the grocery shopping lists templates pop up but I don't see any "general shopping lists" on there. And I'm really n
  14. That would be a good idea about designing one and sending it in. The only problem is idk how great my creativity is at the moment my brain seems to be lacking a lot of that. But I will def go to the gen feature request thread. Thank you!
  15. I'm very lazy myself haha. But this is the reason why I was looking for a template that would have all this. Does the EN site have a feature suggestion page/forum? I was thinking about suggestion this for a feature.
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