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  1. Thanks very much everyone for your response I really appreciate them.
  2. I'm doing some research on how people typically use Evernote when out and about i.e. not usually tied to the same location. What kind of work do those of you using Evernote remotely typically do? In what ways do you use Evernote when mobile and how does this help you be more productive?
  3. I'd be really interested to hear from people examples of the type of content they email into Evernote using their Evernote email address.
  4. I'm having the same issue. See my recent post - http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/28959-saved-search-text-highlighting-not-working/
  5. I'm having issues with the font sizes in my Notes when I switch from Mac to PC and vice versa. I use Evernote during work hours on my work PC and I have my Notes in Arial 12 font. When I am at home, using Evernote on Mac and after syncing, the notes that I created on the PC do not retain the font size. On some lines the font increases to size 13 and even to size 19. Is there anyway to prevent this happening?
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