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  1. It is obvious that Evernote is not interested in fixing this problem. After I paid the service I was logged out and since then I can't login using desktop etc apps. Only web working. Kept getting the same error. 0% HTTP request failed, code: 429, error: OK The whole reason I wanted this service was cause of it's smooth sync when I started with this app. And now I can't even login in to the service and Evernote is not responding to any of my complains/tech support. Is there a way to claim refund and get out of this service?
  2. I do my office work using Evernote. Most of my notes are on Evernote. Now you provide us a solution where we have to do VPN? Seriously? Is this how the solutions are found at Evernote? This seems an old problem Since I have paid the yearly subscription fee I am not able to use native app on any of my machines (logged out), and can't us web login via user account as it shows white page. Only way to login now is to use via Google login. That is the only way. No desktop app can connect and that is making me think to ask for my money back and go to another service who do not give a solution where
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