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  1. That's what I've ended up doing. Everything in a given notebook gets a matching tag. But then why use notebooks? The trouble with using tags is that if notes frequently move (say from !soon to !now to !waiting to !complete) then you have to remove the old tag and put on a new tag. If it were just notebooks, you could drag the message out of the soon notebook into the now notebook. One step instead of two.
  2. If only the search syntax would allow -notebook:Reference -notebook:Completed Why would this be technically difficult?
  3. The beauty of notebooks is that if you move something from, say, your "next action" notebook to your "completed tasks" notebook, it disappears from the first and appears in the second. With tags, you have delete the @next action tag and add @completed tag. But notebooks are not very flexible (not nesting; can't mention more than one notebook in a search), so you end up using tags. If only tags could be grouped like Windows radio buttons so that when add @completed you automatically lose @next.
  4. I was going to go premium too until I discovered you can only share by logging into the web version. The person I want to share with can cope with the iphone app, but if they have to log into the web on the iphone, it will just be too much.
  5. I wish the search function understood about nested tags. If I have a tag ".Software" and under it specific software tags, such as ".ezSpreadsheet" and ".ezWordProcessor", I want to be able to click on .Software and have all notes tagged with ezSpreadsheet or ezWordProcessor show up. The two workarounds I can think of are (a) always tag a note with both the low-level tag and the high-level tag, which is inefficient and annoying, or ( include the highlevel tag name in the low level tag name, as in ".Software.ezSpreadsheet". Then use the search function to search for the word .software. This is not much of a savings over two tags, and forces use of Search rather than just clicking on tag.
  6. I would also like to be able to specify a default tag. It seems like Nozbe requires a "nozbe" tag to integrate. More generally, while I appreciate the bit of integration with Nozbe, I like the Evernote environment quite a bit better and wish the Nozbe functionality were simply incorporated into Evernote.
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