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  1. Hmmm ... if I search from the search box in the Notes List then the search results exhibit the goofy don't-display-the-selected-note behaviour. If I do the same search from the magnifying glass search icon on the leftmost panel the search results seem to operate correctly... selecting a particular result will display the correct note.
  2. Yes, I see exactly this behaviour as well after upgrading to Evernote 8.0, on iPad Air, iOS 10.2.
  3. Could you try an uninstall and a reinstall? If that doesn't work, PM me Thanks very much! Uninstalling and reinstalling did the trick! Evernote 5 for Windows runs fine for me now.
  4. Another "Entry Point Not Found" error. Hi Guys, I figured I would give the beta a shot. Installation seemed to go ok, but the new version won't run, failing with the error dialog "Evernote.exe - Entry Point Not Found". The specific error message in the dialog is "The procedure entry point sqlite3Fts3InitTasTermsModule could not be located in the dynamic link library LibSQLite.dll" (not sure how to paste in an image here). I saw a couple of earlier reports of the same error but no resolution. Unlike the earlier folks I am installing on Windows XP, not on Windows 7 64 bit. For what it's worth I can confirm that I have one (and only one) version of libsqlite.dll on my machine, located at "c:\program files\evernote\evernote": 3/16/2012 15:43 630,784 libsqlite.dll Any suggestions or advice? Thanks, Wilf.
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