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  1. Maybe a few months out of date, but exactly what I was looking for! Thanks metrodon!
  2. Thanks guys... yeah I tried searching the blog, the forums, and Google before posting but didn't find the information I was hoping for. It may even be there, but my searches aren't producing joy. Hopefully someone reading this thread will have a specific link or can just provide data directly!
  3. I'm interested in the ongoing debate surrounding the merits of web apps versus native applications and was wondering if Evernote has ever released or is willing to release usage information pertaining to their different client usage statistics. Specifically, what is the ratio of mobile users who access Evernote usng a native app vs. the web app in the browser, and what is the same ratio for desktop users? If anyone could point me to previously released information, or if Evernote is willing to comment with some of these ratios I'd appreciate the insight! Thanks! Daniel
  4. Great, thanks! Would appreciate it if you or the author could post any updates on the issue here as they happen.
  5. After browsing through the "Trunk" today, I got the EverPaint iPhone app. It's a nice idea with a fatal flaw: when I ink a note in EverPaint and sync it to Evernote, the handwriting is never indexed. To be clear, the note appears in my account, it is an image containing my hand written text, but that text is not indexed. In my Windows client, there is an icon saying that not all resources in the note have been indexed. If I e-mail the same image to Evernote or save to my camera roll and sync it using the Evernote app, the handwriting is indexed right away. So there is something that is preventing the same image from being indexed when it is uploaded from EverPaint as opposed to the e-mail service or the Evernote app. Is this an API issue? I would really like this app if indexing worked. Without the indexing, the Evernote "integration" is useless since I could just sketch a note in Sketchbook and mail it to Evernote and get better results.
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