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  1. The instructions say a removal of the existing (released) Evernote software is required - is this *really* required or can the two peacefully co-exist in different locations? I don't use Safari so the web clipper isn't important to me (and I use Firefox 4b6 for most browsing with Firefox 3 as a backup). Can I safely use the two side-by side otherwise or will they trample on each others' settings/prefs/libraries? Thanks! Basit
  2. Dave, Thanks for the openness and debrief, I love the product and service and am sorry to hear you guys have had a stressful day - when it rains. It sounds like the right factors aligned to hit the right vulnerable spots of the infrastructure and processes...thanks again for being open and straight on what happened and what EN does to try and avoid such problems! Basit
  3. Why hasn't Evernote Tweeted or FB'ed about what is going on? It has been going on for several hours now. I do not find it acceptable that such an outage occurs without any word from the team. That being said, I know desktop clients work, but a major portion of my use cases for Evernote involve the sync functions. Also, I know problems happen, but why can't there be communication about it? Finally, what kind of data security measures are taken to ensure a ma.gnolia style disaster does not occur? I backup my evernote DB to time machine and export .enex to my own redundant data stores, but cloud computing (properly executed) should make those kind of practices on my part totally obselete/unnecessary and make me seem like a paranoid freak, no (although still a good idea for the uber-paranoid, for sure*)? *For example, I could envision a case where the "live" copy of server data for some reason decided I had deleted all my notes (either because of a malicious attack or some kind of corruption) and directed all my clients to delete all local copies of data...an offline backup is a good idea for this even if EN can assure 100% reliability.
  4. There are some good scripts here. I made my own to fit some custom requirements I have. I use Evernote & Dropbox on my iPad and iPhone quite a bit. I also use GoodReader and a few other apps that sling files around that I want to keep in Evernote for various purposes. I've set up my Mac to run this Folder Action everytime it sees a file in my Dropbox's "Import to Evernote" folder, so wherever I am I can import directly into Evernote regardless of file type to Evernote, then it is there and I can use the iPhone/iPad client to edit the notes to my specifications (e.g. I can add any file type, etc from GoodReader using its any web url download capability on the iPad or iPhone). It also detects if Evernote is running on my Mac, if it is already running does leaves it running when it is done, if it has to launch it, it closes it, so it cleans up well after itself (it also deletes the file out of the hot folder). Works really well for what I want it to do. YMMV. Download the Folder Action from https://www.dropbox.com/s/73wvlz0qq6ykgg0 and edit/assign it to the appropriate folder you'd like to be the hot folder.
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