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  1. no worries lol. it was all too involved to start from scratch in the thread. I didnt expect it to go this way tbh but in hindsight after many years I should have. The funny thing was that for the helpdesk I spelled everything out from the start. But I dont think she read any of it because she never GOT the issues. I dont know who they are but I doubt they are employees. Even so it's ENs responsibility to ensure that they treat customers correctly else they get folk like me with a personal mission to spread the baaaaad word. I will use a new evernote account to diligently organize my tra
  2. just realised the forum account is not the new account im using. Hlpdesk went ahead and setup on a different email so I used it instead. but here is the proof of the premium and 18gb use for 3gb notes
  3. so I'm a premium since 2011. this account was setup to take the notes from my premium account because evernote was unuseable. I wanted to start again on my premium with only the most useful notes. I would wait maybe upto 5 or 6 minutes for evernote to stop its circle and wake up to perform a search. its been going on for years and never solved it. so my last ditch attempt was to move the bulk and start afresh on paid. Yes there are good reasons for keeping my original account rather than starting a new account for new notes. and my avatar is with the new account because I forgot my
  4. sure..... I edited a previous post to say that I needed to sync after all - I dont expect you to have seen it 😉 import into local was not an issue. until sync everything was fine. but I had an issue which need sync
  5. well I just spend a ridiculous amount of time and energy on to their help chat. and there solution.......I need to pay more money next month for more allowance. I sent screenshots showing that desktop was showing 18GB used and nothing left (the total transfer of notes was 3gb) and then on the web version it is showing I still have 9.5GB left. They are not interested. They saw it and still told me to pay more. Well theyve gotten me truly hacked off now. I'm done with them . 10 years ago I evangelized for evernote well now I'm making it my duty to evangelize against them. I have my
  6. well it appears not. I've just received an email from service with the standard statement that premium allowance is 10GB per month. No comments on the error that evernote threw up nor the the fact that 3GB of notes can eat 10GB of data just by clicking the sync button. I'm not even sure the guy even read my email properly or connected with what he wrote to me Yesterday. I am wondering if someone else has picked up his ticket??? it has been my experience that with evernote it really depends on the person you actually get to respond. There is no clear standard of service. someone can be v
  7. Arrgghh! Evernote should have made this much easier and reliable. There are far to many ways to fail and lose notes. 2 to mention are 1 when EN sees a note from the enex file that is too big for the current plan it just trashes that note and doesn't even record which note(s) got trashed. 2 Service center helped me out with some extra quota to get this done but some bugs somewhere caused sync errors and ate up 13GB allowance for 3GB of notes transferred. (btw I ended up needing to have them synced rather than keep local to my current comments are not totally aligned with the
  8. thanks yeh I realised the offline/local thing after I'd written it. I keep calling them that and should know better doh! I guess I cannot load any enex files then as it is likely they all will have some large files in them somewhere. At least if I dont have to sync then I can load up the full 15GB in one month's premium instead of it needing two allowances. (I hope)
  9. no it's fine for now I just had that problem with my 1st post and just wondered how to do it in the future. cheers. as my posting ability is back I'll ask here now.... How do I see the size of a note? I am concerned that notes over 25mb are being dropped from the import. I saw that it stopped me from adding such a note directly and it is throwing me an no sync messge.after each import. edit..... just tried the import folder oftion but it only allows small files even into a local folder. It won't install enex file either (not surprisingly)
  10. hmm it defaulted to online notebook from what I could tell and gave me a sync error message og large file. (edit.....my bad! it is indeed a local notebook - sorry) The small ssd is significant yes because I'll need a smaller database.
  11. nope ... it didn't ask. It told me it would not sync notes over 25mb unless I upgraded but did it actually import that note? i dont know. easy test but didnt give useful results. I'll need to export a single large note then import it to the free account to see if it actually gets in there I guess. If it does then sync is no problem in itself because it will just eat up the 60mb allowance and stop I guess. The test will be if I can then move the notes offline. I'll take a look later. Thanks for your advice btw can we delete posts? If so How? Thanks
  12. I have 15GB of exported notes and I want to get them offline preferably in a free account. This will free up my main account for use on a small SSD. Can I import then enex files into the free account directly to offline notebook or move them to offline notebooks once they are in the windows app without having to sync. TBH if it need to sync I dont see how this can be done in one sitting anyway if I have 15G notes but only 10G allowance so I'm hoping this can be done directly to offline notebooks. cheers
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