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  1. That's already what I do but I would have liked an option that would keep the current line at a certain level
  2. Is there a way to let Evernote display notes with more real estate at the bottom, below the current line where you are typing. Because each time I approach the bottom of a note I find it a bit annoying, I would rather have the note focused around the center of my screen instead of the bottom (for now I just make room by pressing Enter a couple of times)
  3. Is there a way to arrange notes in paragraphs with Header formatting so I could make a table of content later?
  4. Hi, I like to use bold characters with highlighting to organize notes and make it look like paragraph titles. When I do so the annoying thing is that after I highlight/bold a title and press enter to type my text, the text start highlighted and bold automatically, is there any way to stop this? Cheers....
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