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  1. I believe I've found a solution to my problem. Not sure if it's a problem with Chrome, Evernote, or if I'm just doing it wrong. Situation: Working with desktop PC and Evernote web client. I want to copy an image from Chrome (e.g. Facebook web) to a note. Use case: I right-click the image and I choose "Copy image". Then I paste the image to Evernote web. Problem: I expect the CONTENT of the image to be copied. Instead, only a LINK to the image is added to the note. This can be verified by exporting the note from the desktop app to a file and checking its contents. Later on,
  2. Same problem. Uploaded images look fine but then they disappear after some time (weeks, maybe months) and "untitled attachment" error appears. I've lost rougly half of all uploaded screenshots. Most of the images were uploaded via Web client using clipboard copy & paste. I just tried viewing it with Web client, Windows client and Windows legacy client and it's broken everywhere. Don't tell me that I've lost everything...
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