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  1. First, cannot tell you'all what version I am on as I decided to start a DB Optimize, and its taking awhile...
    EDIT- I am on (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897)

    I have the latest published version at least, possible the next pre-release after that. Noticed a week or so ago that all of the sudden, I have lost the ability to move notes by dragging and dropping into a different notebook. It is something I use frequently. Did I accidentally disable some feature, is there a bug, or was that method disabled?



  2. On 10/12/2018 at 7:44 AM, DTLow said:

    Evernote is not a mail service; there is no "forward" process.

    Notes can be emailed as a function of the Share process.
    I usually switch back to my email app and email from there.

    No, but technically you CAN "email" a note from EN- and add comments to it. I have done it many times. Now, use as a regular email program? No. I think he just used the wrong term.


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  3. On 6/16/2018 at 3:50 AM, Mr Jumbo Guy said:

    ... compared to OneNote which is TOTALLY FREE and there is NO limit on the amount of uploads and the size of notes in OneNote.

    What do you all think?


    Um...I think you might be confused? I thought the last time I checked...while technically your statment is correct...you are in the end, limited- to the amount of space in your OneDrive.


  4. I know a lot of people make light of the "freeform" layout capabilities that ON has- for me, I do not find that as big a deal. I use it more for its storage and search capabilities...so just attaching a bunch of stuff together in a note from a project is no big deal= the search function is awesome enough that I can find what I need. And as DTlow said, the table layout stuff that EN has built in now makes organization (if I need it) fine for me.

    The other biggie for me in ON- the whole tie to your OneDrive space- my EN database is north of 10Gb now- I have started to use it to store PDF's of old magazines I want to keep (w/o the paper). I use a scanning service in CA to scan and return files to me online, which I then ingest into EN. They are then fully searchable.

    And as I said before...I tried once to do a transfer of my EN file to ON. It. Was. Horrible. I would essentially have to completely reformat and rework everything once I got it into ON- IF i could. No thanks.

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  5. It was interesting...my subscription came up for renewal earlier this year. I accidentally let it lapse, just too busy to deal with- so it went to Basic. When I went to renew, was given the 40% off offer to "come back" to Premium...of course I took it. Wonder if that will be SOP from now on. Don't get me wrong...I was willing to pay the full price, but who was I to turn down a deal?


  6. I was introduced to OneNote as a Red Cross volunteer- we made the jump nationally to Office 365, so we are all-in there. As I also had a home Office 365 subscription, I figured I would give OneNote a try. There were several tools that promised easy migration from EN. Now, maybe I should seen if I could have taken it slower- my EN file is almost 9.5Gb. But I ran one of the tools and waited to see what would happen. First- about halfway through, it crashed. Horribly. Froze hard. So I bailed out and went in to take a look. It was horrible. In short, because of my use of stacks, tags and such, there was no way that my EN account as it was would transfer over to OneNote cleanly. Also, after taking a look at OneNote's structure...while the ability to "free-form" note layout was nice, I really didn't need it. The lack of tags and the sub-par search features have kept me with EN.

    EN gives me a lot more freedom to use the tools I want and need. With OneNote, it works best if you lock into MS/Office lock, stock and barrel.

    Just my .09 (adjusted for inflation).


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  7. I understand your pain. The big break for me is when they introduced the ability to do notebook-level sorting in the Windows app. It appears (unless I missed something, OR they have it implemented SO differently in the Mac version) that it still doesn't exist on the Mac side. Notebooks I have sorted differently in Windows do not show the same on the Mac. This is a big feature I use. I wish that they could get the 2 versions more alike.


  8. 3 minutes ago, keisoko said:

    You are right. It should not affect unremembered notes, only notes you set "Remember View setting" for. But I got this message from gustavgi not long after posting my reply to your post:

    You have to set "Remember View Setting for Notebook <notebook name>" first, then change the special settings as you want them. Otherwise, you change for all views first and have to change back.

    Maybe you can try this.


    That seems to work...thanks! Were there directions I was supposed to read...? :-)

    EN team...this is a BIG deal...THANK YOU!


  9. On 8/27/2016 at 11:07 PM, keisoko said:

    When you are done setting your views in the specific notebook, you need to select "Remember View Setting for Notebook <notebook name>" from the drop-down menu of the box next to the search box.


    evernote view setting.png 



    I know that...what I'm saying is... when I change the sort order for a specific note, with this new feature I would expect it to change just that note. What it *is* doing (for me anyway) is still changing *all* the "unremembered" notes to that selected sort order (other than any other notebooks that I have remembered settings for). This would seem to suggest that I need to go into *every* notebook and remember a sort order, which I know isn't right...right?


  10. Am I doing something wrong, or missing something?

    When I saw what the new feature was to be tested, I was excited- I've been wishing for this for a long time! I've been looking for a way to have some notebooks sort by reverse date, some alphabetically, etc. How does it work?

    When I go in and change the sort order on a notebook, it still changes it for all my notebooks. I *assumed* that one could use this to save a sort order, etc. for one notebook and it would only change that one notebook...?



  11. On 9/29/2014 at 7:31 AM, ScottLougheed said:

    I imagine Libin wants users to abandon Office in favour of Evernote because it suits them better, not because its cheaper. The price increases will likely be coupled with improvements (as defined by Evernote/Libin) to the product.


     In the same article you reference, he also mentions that he wants Evernote's focus to shift towards businesses too. Businesses are less likely to be as price sensitive as individual "personal" users. If Evernote is targeting business use cases, they can shoot for a higher price point than if they are trying to address personal needs.


    I'm not welcoming the price increases, nor am I trying to justify them. I'm just kind of putting out there my interpretation of what Evernote might be trying to do, for better or worse. 


    I know this post is 2 years old, but I just had to comment...what you said just does not make sense. I would give Mr. Libin much more credit than that- that he (and everyone else) would know that Office and EN are 2 completely different animals. I would never think of using one instead of the other (less so EN to Office, more so the oher way around) EN  *cannot* replicate what Office does, and while theoretically OneNote can replace EN...my opinion is not well.

    It'ds comparing Apples and Oranges (for the most part).


  12. I cannot believe that I sat here at my desk for the past few hours reading through this *entire* thread.

    And people are *still* asking for EN to do this (hint: please read through this thread. All of it. Like I did.).

    And the answer *hasn't* changed.

    So let me ask those who want EN to just "whip up" a native Linux client...

    Do you want Redhat/RPM, Debian, FreeBSD?

    Which distros do you want supported? Which Desktops?

    Not an easy question to answer- except for this...THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ONE KIND OF LINUX.

    EN has already stated that they are not going to build "a" Linux client...what makes you think they are going to build clients to satisfy every needed form of Linux?

    I thought so.


    (yes, if it seems like there is an excessive amount of Snark here...you're right. It's 1:37am, and I'm not sure why I just wasted over 2 hours of my life)

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  13. I too was disappointed to see Skitch itself discontinued. However, it seems like a lot of the Skitch tools have been folded directly into EN itself. And the Skitch app is still on my Android devices...so I don't think they are taking it away from those of us who have it...but there won't be an support, and someday it may stop working with the current version of EN. Hope this helps.


  14. So here's my question (which I think *may* have been answered, but if so...not in the way I had hoped)...

    Is there a way to backup my *entire* EN database with all my notes, with all stacks, tags, links etc. preserved...and restore it so it looks and works just like it did pre-whatever happened? Is it as simple as just copying all the DB files, and restoring them back to exactly where they came from?

    I mean, if the only way to do that is to export via .enex, then import and MANUALLY re-create *everything*...wow.

  15. 9 hours ago, noteverything said:

    BTW maybe a good solution would be an hybrid one; Docs and files in Dropbox and Notes with Evernote...?




    That kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? The whole point is that a "note" can be almost anything. To put just text notes into EN is *so* underusing it. I am using EN to its full potential. Again, sorry that you had a such a bad experience with EN that you feel you need to do a total platform change. As for me, program etc. files in Dropbox, everything else in EN. (except for files that my wife and others who don't use EN need access to, those go in Dropbox too).

  16. Actually Frank, are you aware of what the EN Web Clipper does? If you are using the Gmail web interface, when you have a message open and click on the web clipper icon in Chrome, you get a slightly different screen...that allows you to clip the email with all, some or none of the source chain. I just found out about it- and its cool- I used to have to make sure that I had the previous message quotes open in the last message then clip that one...now it does it all automatically. And...it also provides a link back to the message in Gmail.

    For me though, once I save a message in Gmail (and it's usually an email with some information I want to keep, but not necessarily reply to) I usually delete it in Gmail.


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  17. Obviously note, you have tried to do it the right way- and for whatever reason, it hasn't worked. I'm sorry to hear that you are moving away from EN. My experience has been different- while there have been a few glitches along the way, I have a rather large Premium account (not as large as yours) and the support and payment issues have been really none.

    However in this case, I think the main issue is more a user who instead of going the "right" route (get in touch with EN support, open a ticket, etc...) decides to go the way that a lot of people seem to think will get the most attention and help- scream and yell in a forum. And for the record, since he did not indicate that he has tried to contact support, I have to assume that he hasn't. I nall the times I have needed to reach out to support, m y requests have been handled quickly and resolved. I currently have an open request for an issue involving imported text files which didn't import well and caused sync issues- the rep admitted that they are working to improve therir text editor to be able to ingest 100% of whatever someone can throw at it. Fortuetely, I still had the source files and can manually cut and paste the 6-7 files into notes. Now, we are trying to figure out what in the text files is giving EN gas. :-)


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