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  1. Another issue that may have been pointed out - a little hard to explain I have a few hundred tags tags showing in the left panel, enough that I get a scroll bar - I find that there is a spot to the right of the scroll bar (between the scroll bar and the left hand side of the notes) that is part of the tag list. The problem this causes is when I think I am clicking on the scroll bar, if I'm a little to the right, I end up selecting the tag - and in many cases dragging it up or down. I think this space between these two data areas needs to be a dead space border and not respond to my clicking. (See attached image) Thanks
  2. I feel the same way about the overall color scheme - In the new features video the lead designer (I believe) said the new design makes your content "pop" but most of my content is black text so it all washes together. Maybe I need more pictures of food or something to provide some pop. Perhaps an option to apply a "Skin" and give us various color schemes to choose from?
  3. Like most major updates, I like some things, but not others. I'll give it time before I say too much, but I do have one major problem (perhaps bug.) When I have the search box set for "Search All Notes" but have a notebook selected - it only searches the notebook. I assume that it should only search the notebook when I have it set to "Search Current Context" Am I doing something wrong?, or do I misunderstand how the search box is not intended to work?
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