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  1. Usually I forget to close Scrivener on my home computer, so I can't open it on a different one. Also, if I close my Mac too fast without allowing Dropbox to sync - it would show an error message - "You have this file open on another computer". So, no I don't really want to use Scrivener as a mobile app.
  2. It is not strange at all. It is a simple matter of assigning priorities based on the 20+ million Evernote users. Different users have different needs and Evernote has a finite number of coders. Writers want a ruler GTD users want a Due Date Photographers want photo editing Business users want more collaboration Spreadsheet users want more table editing Mac users want same functions as Windows users Mobile users want same functions as client users Linux users want Linux capability . Apparently, there is no app for that.
  3. I do use Scrivener as well but it doesn't give me the same freedom as Evernote - I can't use it on multiple computers / devices. I tried syncing Scrivener over the Dropbox - it just doesn't work. For people who have one computer - one mobile device - time to sit down and write - Scrivener is the best option. For people who have multiple computers - multiple mobile devices - and end up in all kinds of places: karate class (waiting for a child), in the office after work hours (waiting for the internal review on a product) - Scrivener is just not working. I looked into a lot of options - including Google docs and MS Word (with documents synced over Insync) - Yarny, which is a cool online tool but doesn't have offline capabilities - and I am still in search of a perfect tool. Evernote is the closest to what I consider the perfect app, if only it had some word processor options.
  4. This is very strange that Evernote is not interested in attracting the writing community. I mean, the app would be THE THING during NaNoWrimo month (with more than a million participants) and could make a lot of gold ^.^ if they included some basic editing / formatting capabilities. I personally tried writing in Evernote and it worked fine until I needed to start editing / formatting. I mean, they already have the base - they could build up on it anything they want. IMO
  5. I have been using Evernote for at least a couple of years now (was it that long??). While I love everything about this app including desktop and mobile clients, abilities to sync the data between all computer and gadgets - I want more (of course). I would like to use this app not just as a notebook that contains information but also as a word processor. Basic features that would make me extremely happy are: 1. Ability to set up a page in 8 by 11 inch format 2. Having a "comment" option 3. Ability to set left / right / top / bottom margins 4. View the long texts in "page" format I think Evernote has a great potentials in the writing community. There is no software today that is able to do what Evernote does. Please?
  6. I love Evernote. I used Google docs before I switched to Evernote. I found that having a desktop version of the software installed on a computer is a very powerful feature. I can write without Internet access and then sync my writing with the on-line version and all computers in the house. Of course, there are options I would like to have... 1. I would love to be able to add subnotes to my notes. And even be able to insert notes into the note field. 2. I would love to have more formatting options, especially for tables. I understand that this is not Everwrite software... but still Word count, brain storming... maybe we can have a plug-in just for writers?
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