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  1. Did they even try this out themselves before annoying the whole world with this? Are they eating their own dog food?
  2. It seems that I cannot create a "Copy Node Link" button on the toolbar on my Mac. Please add.
  3. A shame that Evernote killed this feature! I liked it, and I know that the technology still works. Here is a code snippet. Just replace the XXX with useful content. I forgot what "code" was standing for, but it is simply my name. <script type="text/javascript" src="http://static.evernote.com/noteit.js"></script> <a href="#" onclick="Evernote.doClip({contentId:'xxxxxx',providerName:'xxxxxxx',code:'xxxxx',suggestTags:'xxxx, xxxx'}); return false;"><img src="http://static.evernote.com/article-clipper-remember.png" alt="Clip to Evernote" /></a> </br> I hope this helps.
  4. I have performance issues as well. The system is hanging a lot. I can imagine that it is unresponsive whenever it accesses the hard disc (slow on my Mac) to read notes, but it could be as well the swap file. However, the system is soo slow that I started to use the webinterface more and more. One of the known pitfalls is that it starts searching before I hit enter. This slows down my computer especially when a PDF is the first result. These issues existed in previous versions and the new version is not helping it at all. If at all, it is even more unresponsive.
  5. Hi Evernote Team, I saw a few threads on the Windows client about "instant search" or "search as you type". This is the only topic that relates to to this problem for the Mac. Evernote is turning very slow during typing the search string. I have to wait for several seconds to see any result. Clearly, I have lots of PDFs in my database (I am premium user with currently 5980 notes). Working with EN you realise that PDF searches are often somewhat slow as you wait while an indicator informs you about the something like "search within PDF". Could you please provide me with an update on this issue? What does slow down the great EN software on a Mac? Is it really the PDF handling? Or is the search not efficient on the Mac? Do you search through PDFs during every search (can't imagine)? And if the PDF handling is so inefficient, what do you intend to do? In addition: could you please make the "instant search" optional? I would rather type in my whole search phrase and then press enter to see the results. It would be so much more efficient for me. Many thanks in advance! Cheers, Klaus
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