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  1. Is there a better way to recover data from local notebook other than this: If you have data corruption in your Evernote because of hack, import your backup, delete your corrupted notebook after you are certain Evernote customer service cannot recover your notebook data. Go through all other notebooks to look at each notes are updated after the backup notes date and move to your "imported notes" notebook.
  2. Successfully merged 800 notes within 180 MB, the resulting single note has blank contents. Merged in the local notebook. Please investigate as it results in data loss for users without backups,
  3. Why not a feature where user would be able to add a filter in Tags View to e.g. notebook filter to show tags belonging to that notebook only?
  4. Hi Evernote Team You guys did a fantastic job with the new updates. Please feedback to management in 50 years time, a new delegated project to update the screen clip feature, so user can directly execute a keyboard shortcut e.g. ALT + SHIFT + M to auto turn the screen clip into a new note (background process) to move the screen clip to their desired notebook. Thanks Regards Jianfa Ben Tsai
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