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  1. I just send it from the Dictaphone app (IPhone) to Evernote. Anyhow, I do not see any new note in Evernote that relates to this upload.
  2. Appreciate your hints maybe I was not clear enough: I tried to upload an audio file of more than 50MB the first time - no edit to an existing note. Therefore there is no note to move or delete - as the upload was not successful. But still the message pops up that the file was too big to upload. So how can I stop Evernote from trying to upload the audio file again and again?
  3. I tried to upload a note that was too big due to my Limits (50MB). Evernote refused. Fine! But whenever I open Evernote app on my IPhone again it tries again to upload so the notice on the too big note is popping up again. How can I stop Evernote from re-trying to upload again and again?
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