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  1. ! My notes just reappeared. Is posting to this form magic? 😉 Just happy to have access again - most of my brain lives in Evernote...
  2. I signed up for the web client beta, and now get a blank screen when I log in through Windows. I use both Mac and Windows platform frequently, so wonder if it's related to having used it on a Mac more recently? Thanks for any help - need access here at work on my Windows machine!!!! Eileen
  3. +1 for ability to highlight text. Please, please, pretty please?
  4. Ahhh! I think this is what I was missing. I put a link in the body of the to-do note to the regular note, is that what you mean? That might work, although it was nice to be able to drag items over one another to connect them... ;-) Thanks so much peterfmartin, for taking the time to reply. And yes, that darn censor is annoying. Why doesn't it like the word t.i.t.l.e.? OMG - I just realized is it because of the meaning of the first three letters? Give me a break. Evernote's not a great to-do app, though it can be hacked to meet some people's desires. (For example, what I recommended above is the system I used for a while.) Haven't you found any to-do apps that work for you? I hope you don't stay bereft for long. EDIT: Damn broken forum censor. "*****les" above is t-i-t-l-e-s.
  5. What I want is something that works the way Claris Organizer and it's progeny, the Palm Organizer, worked. I want to be able to have a to-do item that is it's own "record" and be able to link it to a particular note that has more information. When I'm done with the to-do item, I want to be able to either just mark it as done or delete it, but keep the note to which it was attached. What I don't like about the embedded checkboxes workaround in Evernote is that I can't see a list of the checkbox items themselves - just the name of the note it's in, which makes it hard to remember exactly what the task is...... I am bereft. I really like Evernote for keeping notes, but the to-do thing is just killing me. Eileen
  6. **Please** add a "save" (as opposed to "save and close") option to Evernote for Web (and for the desktop versions too, if it's not already there). I sometimes am editing a note from some time, and would like to be able to save my changed without having to close and then re-open the note. Thanks!
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