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  1. Have a look at FlexT9 (market). Much better, IMHO. FlexT9 is an alternative keyboard that can take different ways of input, tapping, handwriting, AND Swype, AND it lets you dictate, using the full power of Nuance/Dragon Naturally Speaking! Amazing recognition rate, very easy handling. Can switch languages very easily (important for me because I use English and German). Now I can dictate into my Android device, including Evernote, almost like with Dragon at home. And compared to the desktop version, it is more accessible for short texts - no start up time - just dictate. Worth every cent. (No affiliation with Nuance - just a long-time Dragon user)
  2. Thanks for your support, kottkrig. And yes, shoot-and-forget describes more accurately what I meant. BurgersNFries, it is interesting that you say emailing the photographs later is faster for you than using the EN client directly, and that is why you do it that way. Exactly my point. Using the EN client should be faster and easier than any other method. That is the beauty of Evernote, making it supremely easy to dump stuff into it. So I am now even expanding my request: Record-and-forget too! Scenario: driving in the car, having an important thought (happens sometimes...). Then what I want is to tap my homescreen, speak my thought, tap one button to finish recording - and done! At the moment, I have to scroll up the tag/name screen to get to the Save button - imagine this while driving at 100 mph. No good. Actually, I would be happy with just having an optional setting in the EN client: " For snapshot and audio records, bypass tag-and-name screen and close client directly after shooting/recording". That is a minimal addition that should not be so hard to implement.
  3. A simple quick snapshot, even without doing any tagging or naming, currently takes 7 taps and 15-20 seconds. That's too much I feel. It may not sound long, but because there are so many steps, I have to attend closely to my phone all during those 15-20 seconds, because I have all those correct taps to make. Double the time for two pics... That is quite distracting if all I want is a quick snap, especially the screen for naming and tagging because it does not fit on the screen and I have to scroll to even get to the the "save" button. I really don't want to wait and squint into my phone for any length of time when I just snap something quickly for later reference. Any tagging and naming I usually do at home on the desktop anyway. So this is what I would like to have: An icon on my homescreen (a widget I suppose) for "Basic quick EN snapshot", one click, camera opens, take snap, exit camera and all further windows close immediately and automatically (or are not even opened in the the first place!). All the rest happens in the background, so that I immediately can use my phone again, or put it away, after snapping my picture. Of course there are times when I do want to name-and-tag, that could be two different icons on the home screen. Or at least a setting in the Evernote app. This would make it even easier to just quickly stuff something into Evernote. Keep up the good work - thanks for Evernote! ukuestner
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