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  1. The bug creates an extra bullet that's hard to delete and has other negative effects. It can be reproduced by clicking the Add Bullets icon, then typing the following keystrokes: A, Enter, Tab, B, Enter, Tab, C, Enter, Enter, D, Left Arrow, Left Arrow, Enter, Enter, Enter, Backspace Instead of the expected: * A o B * C o D I see the incorrect: * A o B * C * o D In other words, there are now two bullets on the same line as the letter D. To fix this, it seems you have to delete the D line and anything that comes after it, which can mean a lot of retyping or reformatting. It also messes up the ability to turn off bullets and create a blank line by pressing Enter when on a depth=1 bullet. I have Evernote for Mac 2.1.1 (146398).
  2. When I type directly into Evernote, it takes over 0.15 seconds for each character to show up in the editor. That means when I type a long sentence, I have to wait a few seconds for it to catch up. It's annoying when I have spelling mistakes but can't correct them until the rest of the sentence shows up. I think this has been a problem for months, but it seems quite noticeable more recently. I have a 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Mac Mini with 4 GB memory, which is otherwise plenty fast. I'm a power user so maybe some software I have installed is interacting with Evernote. Quitting RescueTime and Flux didn't fix it though. I have Evernote for Mac version 2.1.1 (146398). There's no crazy background syncing or virus-checking going on that I know of. Completely exiting the application with Win-Q and restarting it doesn't fix the problem.
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