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  1. Although full outlining capability would be nice, I'd be satisfied with having bulleted lists that aren't buggy. With capability for OCR and note taking, Evernote could be an excellent office companion but the lack of simple, hierarchical note taking is a big limitation. I tried using an embedded word doc but then the problem becomes 1. lack of editing from a mobile device and 2. lack of integrated search of office apps. For now, a google document works great for an outline. Evernote will keep my OCR'd documents and whiteboards. <sigh>
  2. I've noticed that if I have the title of a note selected, my CPU jumps significantly. It seems somewhat proportional to the number of notes you have open as well. To reproduce try this: 1. Drop 4+ files to the evernote dock 2. Watch your CPU go to ~ 100% continuously 3. Go to each window that was opened and click off of the title that's highlighted (to de-select it). 4. Note your CPU should be reasonable once more.
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