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  1. Well, if I can share a notebook without chatting, would someone please tell me how? Because I can't figure it out. When I right click on the notebook name, all I see is the chat box. When I type in one of my own email addresses (because I am trying to share this with my own other account) and click send, as far as I can tell, nothing at all happens. I have entered 2 different email addresses now, one at work and a gmail address.
  2. Is it still possible to share a notebook without using work chat? Some people don't chat, does EN know that? And what I want to do is share a notebook between two of my own accounts. I have created a separate EN account to demonstrate EN when I am doing demonstrations (I am a librarian). I don't want to show them my main account, too much private stuff. But there are notebooks I would like to transfer over. And now I can't figure out how to do it. Work chat isn't working for me, and anyway I don't want to do it in real time, just make it available for use later. PLEASE tell me there is a way to do thi!
  3. Apologies if I have managed to post this twice. I would be grateful for instructions on how to hide tags - I can't figure it out. I am giving a presentation on tools for personal knowledge management in a couple days, and i would really like to show people an Evernote notebook. However, I really don't want them to see all the tags I use in my personal notebooks. Thanks.
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