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  2. I have read this thread and I still am uncertain how to go about printing from Evernote to Google Cloud Print from an iPad or iPhone. I read the print from Dropbox suggestion but while it is helpful it is a bit too clunky for me. I sow times copy and paste into another application but as someone mentioned the formatting gets messed up and it can take some time to clean up the formatting before printing. Someone mentioned using Share but unfortunately I cannot see that Evernote for iOS devices has a share button. There was also a suggestion to use the Evernote web app but unfortunately the Chrome store foes not support iOS devices. Am I missing something? I cannot believe that there is no way to do what I want to do.
  3. Thank you for the response, I will continue with my work around hoping that Evernote will find a way for the program to support printing single pages instead of forcing the user to print all.
  4. I am using Evernote for Windows v4.5.7.7146 (258477) Public with Win 7, my printer is an HP PSC 1500. When I try to print a Evernote note that is multiple pages I find that I can only print all pages instead of selecting which page I want printed. The Page Range is set only to All with Selection, Current Page and Pages grayed out. Evernote is the only program I have this problem with so I don't think it is the printer. I have gone through my settings in Tools|Options and cannot see anything there to change this. Am I missing something?
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