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  1. I agree it needs to be kept simple and, no, I don't want any of that. There are several ways to add the functionality without adversely affecting the user interface. It just requires some creativity, of which the developers at Evernote have plenty. I'd be happy to mock up a user interface for them if it helps. Most of those apps are overkill. If I take a picture of a business card or a napkin with my iphone, there are really only 2 issues: orientation and image contrast. If these issues aren't fixed before the image gets uploaded, then the quality of the data going into evernote is very poor and almost unusable. Not the properly balanced and oriented photos of napkins that you advertise!! I don't need multipage scanning and cropping, I just need to take a picture, have it auto-balanced, and have an option to orient it correctly. Evernote is an exceptional program, and already does things other apps do not do. Taking pictures of small documents represents a significant subset of the basic user case when the camera in question is a smartphone running Evernote. Business cards and taking pictures of small notes on napkins has ALWAYS been a major selling point of Evernote. They use these examples prominently in their marketing, heavily promoting this use. I suspect it's because I'm not the only one interested in this aspect of the program It's inconvenient to be required to use an external Mac or Windows program to rotate or auto-balance images, especially for a large volume of images. These are simple operations to include programmatically.
  2. I love evernote, except when I am uploading an image from my iphone (which is quite often). I think there are two issues: image contrast and orientation. Image Contrast I take photos of all the business cards I receive, but the iphone's camera (and most phones for that matter) will average a white card to 50% grey. The same is true when I take pictures of notes on 3x5 cards. As a result, all of the photos of business cards and 3x5 cards stored in evernote are too dark and difficult to read. Suggestion: give the user the option to 1) accept the original picture as is, 2) choose an auto-contrast adjusted picture or 3) retake. Orientation There's a similar problem with orientation. When the iphone is tilted down to take a picture (for example of a business card on a table), the orientation of the picture depends entirely on the orientation of the iphone before it was tilted. As a result, half of my business cards stored in evernote are sideways Suggestion: give the user the option to rotate the image clockwise or counter clockwise before saving. There are lots of easy ways to add this functionality without mudding up the user interface. For example, on the preview screen where the user can select "use" or "retake" -- swiping right or left to adjust the contrast. And/or add a button to adjust orientation. Finally, since I've got a ton of business cards in Evernote that are sideways and grey, it would be great to be able to just right-click on them from Windows (or option-click on Mac) and select "change orientation" or "adjust brightness/contrast." I don't think it's acceptable to require the user to use another app or program to adjust images before storing in Evernote, especially for something basic like business cards. Thanks!
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