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  1. Thank you both for your replies, it answers the question, but not what I would like. cant have everything!
  2. I am entering the date at the top. I start my day off with;- 28/05/2020 Thursday. When I close this is copied to the top & is put up in bold letters. I sort by;- date created. (If I go by "Title" it mixes everything up). I have tried a date of 2020/05/28. It does not seem to make any difference?
  3. DTLOW, thank you for your reply, but this does not solve the problem! What I need is for the sort to READ the date, so that if I add a receipt which should have gone in on the 5th of last month, I enter the date as the 5th April & it is sorted into that date. Now it just places it at the top of the stack, ie today's date.
  4. I have been using Evernote for many years, but still have to use a desk diary as I can not find a way to ensure that entries remain in the heading order, like a diary. With a desk diary, if I tried something new 2 months ago & it did not work as I expected, I can go back and add notes on that day. Some days I forget to make entries, then go back & do them several days later. They should remain in calendar sequence like a desk diary. I want to increase the use I make of Evernote & do away with my desk diary, but don't see the point if notes wont stay where they should be.
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