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  1. Thank you gazumped, much appreciated. I downloaded the app for desktop and found the word count feature. All good!
  2. Thanks for responding. No, the menu bar is at the top of the page above the text. I can't generate any of the drop downs or options suggested in the Help advice.
  3. Hi Evernote community, sorry to be a pest with a basic issue, but I'm new to this caper. I have read the guidance on world counts, as follows; Evernote for Windows There are a few different ways to find the word count in Evernote for Windows: Open a note, right-click in the note editor, and choose 'Word and Resource Counts' from the contextual menu. Select a note and go to Note > Word and Resource Counts from the menu. Select a note and enable the status bar by going to View > Show Status Bar from the menu. Word and character counts are visible in the status bar However, the menu bar on my notes has nothing like see (see attachment). I know I must be missing something simple, but I need your help! Thanks in anticipation Kyle
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