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  1. I don't want to answer for the other user, but I imagine the same as the OP since the OP's original issues are still present. Evernote formats numbered lists like this item item item item This is not a standard numbered list 2-level format. The user is just asking for some standardization that would likely help all users (at least in English-speaking countries). In general, users expect indents from a numbered list to change visually as they are indented. Evernote does this with bullets: Item Item Item Item So this is not even consistent within evernote. I don't claim to understand the technical limitations holding this back, but it certainly doesn't seem like a huge challenge to make a numbered list work like this: 1. item a. item b. item 2. item Or else offer a simple outline option ala word, but I don't suspect that's the best solution here. I completely agree - if you want advanced formatting, go to a different app and don't use evernote. This isn't advanced formatting, it's a deficiency in Evernote's ability to make a simple numbered list. 3-levels would be more than enough. 2 would be a huge improvement. The ability to indent a numbered list without any style change is a problem. People indent their lists all the time, sub-points, etc. It's not that they're "outlining" in the strict sense of the word, but just organizing basic information, something that Evernote is ideal for in just about every respect except this one. What if Evernote just added a third option for abc lists? a. item a. item b. item b. item It Evernote did this, users could easily manually create 3-level lists like this: 1. item a. item b. item • item Hope this clarifies. It is frustrating (for me as a paid user) to see the tone of so many Evernote Guru's be so dismissive "oh just use another app!" It makes me wonder if the support team really understands their users. On the flip side, I imagine it's frustrating for gurus and evernote staff to have so many users demanding feature improvements. This one just seems like such a quick win - but again, perhaps not. If it's an ideological reason "like simplicity!" then let's hear that argument. If it's a technical reason, maybe a counter argument could be made, rather than the users requesting the feature being dismissed. Hope this is helpful!
  2. There's a lot of false dichotomy being thrown around here. Evernote's "free" tier, like all free services was not true charity, but a large part of their business model. If Evernote did not make money off free users, they wouldn't offer the free tier. The truth is that the free tier (at the very least) is Evernote's GIANT marketing funnel. Why do you think they're valued at over $1B? Because of their HUGE user base, which they are now trying to monetize. Good for them! How sure are you that Evernote has no data / marketing partners they are using to monetize the free tier already? Almost certainly they are. However, it's also never good business to take away a free feature and move it to a paid tier. Those who are trying to appeal to morality / sense-of-righteousness and say customers shouldn't be upset over it are a little bit high & mighty (IMHO). You have Evernote employees on here trying to speak into the situation and taking EVERY pain to not upset users with this move. Why do you think that is, if the free tier is essentially their form of charity toward us cash-strapped or "too cheap" users? It's because the free tier IS their business. Alienate them and the marketing funnel goes away. To suggest Evernote hasn't made any money off their free users is ludicrous, as is the suggestion those users shouldn't have expectations of the company including support, and a basic expectation that they will be treated fairly. Bottom line - yes - it's completely within Evernote's rights to take away a free service and make it a paid one. AND yes, free-tier users have a right to be upset by that. However, they should keep it in perspective. There are still many ways to save emails into Evernote, the next tier up is not that expensive and includes other features. Evernote knew they would upset users by doing this, but believe it's worth it to the bottom line. Good for them. Hope it works out.
  3. Actually, just found out that Evernote continues to remove functionality in order to drive up-sales. The email to evernote functionality will be disabled for basic accounts beginning June 1. That, unfortunately means I'm out as a customer. I honestly wish the company best-of-luck in the future. I remember when Evernote was the hot startup and was aggressively customer-focused. *sigh* With this kind of marketing strategy and customer strong-arming, Evernote better hope a more empathetic company like Slack doesn't enter their space.
  4. No one has taken it away, but it remains deprecated, which means it is no longer supported and at some point in the future it is likely slated for removal. Additionally, instead of being clearly available, and easily accessible, it is buried in a 2nd level menu item: Note > More Sharing > Email a note... and has no keyboard shortcut, so productivity has already been limited. This is such basic functionality, that the only explanation for its removal is that Evernote is "flexing its muscles" in order to motivate users to be evangelists for the product: "Sign up for evernote so I can share my notes with you!" This strategy has already had the exact opposite effect as intended with me, and I would contend with many many other users. I share notes less often with people who don't have Evernote. Result: less marketing reach I am less satisfied with Evernote as a productivity tool. Result: I recommend it less often I have become concerned that Evernote has a more aggressive, less than generous marketing philosophy. Result: I am actively awaiting a more generous competitor to arrive.In general, removing basic functionality in an effort to drive sales, upsales, whatever has always backfired, at least with me. I'm hopeful that Evernote will get enough feedback on this feature to be willing to bring it back from deprecation.
  5. That's simply not true. The toolbar hasn't been editable in a long time.
  6. All of these reasons apply, however, if they keep the email a note feature. Sharing via email is standard functionality. Why wouldn't Evernote want a piece of the drip-marketing pie on this one? The people I share via email with are different than the ones I share via work chat.
  7. be warned, however that this feature has been declared "deprecated" and is slated for probable removal in the future.
  8. I actually love the work chat feature. For folks I work with who have Evernote, it's wonderful. Even the title "work chat" suggests Evernote gets this is a collaborative and limited feature. I agree that the sharing experience is better that way, and I'd love it if the whole world used Evernote. Alas the whole world does not use Evernote. Therefore, we need the email a note functionality to remain. In fact, why not combine both and offer the ability to recognize email addresses of Evernote users - and possibly offer a prompt: "soandso@example.com is an Evernote user - would you like to share directly?" Or better yet, send the email but offer a response link where the recipient can "respond in Evernote" and move the whole conversation automatically into Evernote. The possibilities are endless. The only one that truly sucks is killing off the basic of basic features that I use 15-20 times per week (minimum).
  9. This is a great back and forth on the meaning of deprecated, but I think we're burying the lead here. In what world has a "deprecated" feature of software ever stuck around? What about evernote's history would ever suggest that would be the case now? They've already buried the feature and declared it "deprecated". Ok let's leave the option that they may not kill it - THAT'S what I want to happen! But I'd say at this point that is highly unlikely without hearing and seriously listening to user feedback like I was attempting to offer here. Can we put the "definitions" discussion to bed and talk about the need for Evernote to keep and reinstate this basic piece of functionality? Seriously - the marketing implications alone are worth it.
  10. I'm not sure Evernote has seriously considered all the use cases of their software. Either that, or the pivot referenced above is incredibly significant. Evernote is FAR from ubiquitous software, although it's doing quite well. This move feels like a move toward ubiquity, but is WAY to soon. With the current "email a note" feature - prospective evernote users get a nice little drip-advertisement at the bottom of the email. There is no way users will spam their friends, prospective clients, etc to create evernote accounts and download / install apps just to read note content. Would anyone use "work chat" to send notes to a prospective client, colleague, networking contact, etc? I suppose if there was prior knowledge that person used evernote... otherwise the barrier to entry is ridiculous. The conversation used to be: "Hi <prospective client> - see below for notes from our meeting. It was great having a chance to sit down with you and discuss ___ ". Now the conversation is: "Hi <prospective client> - I took some notes from our meeting and would love to share them with you. To access the notes you'll need Evernote. Do you have an account? If so, can you let me know what email address you used to sign up? If not, you'll just need to go to evernote.com and sign up for one, and then download and install software. Let me know when you've gotten that far and I'll walk you through accepting my invitation to "work chat" so you can read the notes from this meeting."
  11. I saw that post referenced, which is why I used the word "deprecated" in the title. The feature has been deprecated and is slated to be removed completely. The post does little to remove my complaint. I cannot continue to use Evernote and will unfortunately move to a competitor if this functionality is removed completely. I fail to see or hear a solid argument in that thread or otherwise, for removing this simple (basic) functionality. Do you have an argument that makes sense for removing it? Now any time I wish to share the content of a note with someone, I need to copy / paste into my email client (annoying and unreliable) or THEY need to: Create and confirm an evernote account Download and Install Evernote Accept my invitationThere is no way I will be using this in any context outside of inter-office communication where I can control what software people are using. I'll certainly not be sending notes to clients / prospective clients, friends without evernote, family members without evernote, etc. Has evernote even considered these use cases? Before: "Hi <prospective client> - see below for notes from our meeting. It was great having a chance to sit down with you and discuss ___ " Now: "Hi <prospective client> - I took some notes from our meeting and would love to share them with you. To access the notes you'll need Evernote. Do you have an account? If so, can you let me know what email address you used to sign up? If not, you'll just need to go to evernote.com and sign up for one, and then download and install software. Let me know when you've gotten that far and I'll walk you through accepting my invitation to "work chat" so you can read the notes from this meeting." In all of the "before" cases the simple "share note" feature actually resulted in advertising for Evernote (because of the link at the bottom of these shared notes). Now all of that goes away. Any explanation other than "we take our user feedback seriously! and... we're still removing this for undisclosed reasons"
  12. Hi, I'm writing to consolidate some initial user feedback on the deprecation and burying of the share via email function in the latest release of evernote (mac). You don't have to look far to find users discontent with this change. For instance: here, here, here and here. In general, the user feedback seems to be: We like the new work chat feature But please also bring back the share via email functionalityShare via email is helpful in a few very key ways I can instantly email note content to multiple people (or myself) These people see the content of the note directly in their email rather than multiple steps later (opening a web browser, signing up for evernote, etc). MARKETING > these emails have a message at the bottom with a link to download evernoteThere are many, many situations in work and life where I need to quickly email note content over to friends / family members / coworkers who simply do not have time or the desire to open an Evernote account. Removing / deprecating the simple "share via email" functionality both removes this as an option, and removes all potential marketing to these people. You have essentially crippled a really important piece of functionality. The thinking may be that users will all switch entirely over to "work chat" mode and essentially market evernote to any and all people they wish to email note content too. However, this is unrealistic. For one, it's a HUGE barrier to entry if I need to require everyone I share a note with to open an Evernote account. Not only will many of them not do this - it's way too slow. If there are people I'm sharing notes with often - I am more than willing to use 'work chat' - but for these one-off note shares, it's simply way too many steps. I believe the long term results of deprecating this feature will be disastrous for marketing - essentially cutting off a large block of your drip, soft marketing. For instance, I (and I suspect many others) will no longer be using evernote to send one-off notes to people if this feature goes away completely. As it is, it's already WAY less convenient. The end result is that Evernote has LOST marketing to everyone I would have emailed notes to. Please listen to the feedback of your users and bring back the share via email functionality - there's no reason we can't have BOTH share via email and work chat. They are two separate functions, and not mutually exclusive. Why not re-open up the entire world of soft-marketing by allowing your users to email notes to friends / coworkers without requiring them to set up an account? This isn't to take ANYTHING away from the great new work-chat features. It's simply to give feedback that "share via email" should not go away either. They serve separate purposes, and both further the Evernote marketing team's goals. Removing functionality in the name of aggressive marketing will shut marketing pipelines down and aggravate your users.
  13. I have the same issue. I'll file a support ticket and send in the activity logs.
  14. That was a very revealing comment. You have to know by now that this problem is not just mac related. The fact that it is still seen as a mac-only problem shows me that you guys aren't really looking into this properly. 1.) I (and many like me) don't have the client installed on a mac, but on a PC 2.) The original, default note "Welcome to Evernote" experiences the same problem 3.) Any note created on any client, whether through the snippet on a web browser, the "send to" function from Outlook, or directly on a PC experiences the same problem. In addition to all this, the note creating / saving functionality is broken. Only occasionally does a note I create on my phone actually wind up being uploaded. Those that don't make the upload are deleted completely. I lost the notes from an important meeting yesterday as a result, in spite of very deliberately tapping "save". Switched to snaptic / 3banana today and plan to stay there until a good fix is released. But in the mean time your competition is catching up.
  15. CORRECTION: it's dropped only to 4 stars and not 3.5 (just checked). Doesn't change much though.
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