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  1. I don't want to answer for the other user, but I imagine the same as the OP since the OP's original issues are still present. Evernote formats numbered lists like this item item item item This is not a standard numbered list 2-level format. The user is just asking for some standardization that would likely help all users (at least in English-speaking countries). In general, users expect indents from a numbered list to change visually as they are indented. Evernote does this with bullets: Item Item Item Item So this is not even consistent within evernote. I don't claim to understand the technical limitations holding this back, but it certainly doesn't seem like a huge challenge to make a numbered list work like this: 1. item a. item b. item 2. item Or else offer a simple outline option ala word, but I don't suspect that's the best solution here. I completely agree - if you want advanced formatting, go to a different app and don't use evernote. This isn't advanced formatting, it's a deficiency in Evernote's ability to make a simple numbered list. 3-levels would be more than enough. 2 would be a huge improvement. The ability to indent a numbered list without any style change is a problem. People indent their lists all the time, sub-points, etc. It's not that they're "outlining" in the strict sense of the word, but just organizing basic information, something that Evernote is ideal for in just about every respect except this one. What if Evernote just added a third option for abc lists? a. item a. item b. item b. item It Evernote did this, users could easily manually create 3-level lists like this: 1. item a. item b. item • item Hope this clarifies. It is frustrating (for me as a paid user) to see the tone of so many Evernote Guru's be so dismissive "oh just use another app!" It makes me wonder if the support team really understands their users. On the flip side, I imagine it's frustrating for gurus and evernote staff to have so many users demanding feature improvements. This one just seems like such a quick win - but again, perhaps not. If it's an ideological reason "like simplicity!" then let's hear that argument. If it's a technical reason, maybe a counter argument could be made, rather than the users requesting the feature being dismissed. Hope this is helpful!
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