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  1. I don't use Alfred, and i've now conformed that this behavior only occurs the first time i open Safari after rebooting, and the first time i go to Amazon and view a singl;e product after a reboot. Here are the 2 screenshots.
  2. OK. It seems that both these problems only occur after rebooting my iMac. Next time i reboot i'll post screenshots. I only reboot once a week and i just did that yesterday.
  3. Two things have been frustrating me about the Web Clipper Extension in Safari for quite a while now: 1. Whenever i open Safari it loads my default homepage, but ALSO loads in a separate tab a page for the Web Browser. I don't need or want that to open every time i load Safari. No other Safari extension does this. 2. Whenever i go to Amazon.com the Web Clipper pops up on the right offering to clip the page. Why? I have an icon for Web Clipper in my Safari toolbar that i can click on any time i need it. Why does it pop up on Amazon.com? I'd love it if these two issues could be resolved.
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